Vush’s Having A 30% Off Sale On G-Spot Vibrators, So If He Can’t Find It, You Sure Can

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If you’ve never owned a G-Spot vibrator, I’m about the deliver you some news that’s sure to hit the spot. Aussie sexual wellness brand Vush is having a huge 30 per cent off sale on its G-spot vibrators — and they’re a throbbing good time.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about G-spot vibrators, allow us to introduce you to your new best friend. A good G-spot vibrator targets the nerve endings located along the front wall of the vagina, usually about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper wall. So if you’re laying back, legs spread, you’re going to need more of a curved dildo or vibrator to really hit the right spot — and that’s where Vush’s collection comes in.

Vush has four toe-curlingly good G-spot baddies — the Siren Twist, the Muse Rabbit Vibrator, the Myth and the Glow Rabbit — all of which are 30 per cent off for a VERY limited time, so you’ll wanna get in quick.

Not sure which one’s for you? We’ve got chu, bby.

Shop 30% Off Vush’s G-Spot Vibrators

Vush Siren Twist

Siren Twist Vibrator is one of Vush’s multi-use sex toys that’s designed for both internal and external stimulation. The twisted, helix design means you can stimulate all of the internal G-spot nerve endings as it twists deeper inside or can be used externally for a unique sensation across the whole vulva. It cums with eight pleasure settings, five levels of intensity and four twist patterns.

Vush Muse Rabbit Vibrator

Vush’s Muse Rabbit Vibrator is giving the complete package. Not only is it a G-spot vibrator but its also got a flexible external arm to massage the clit while you find the spot. Muse offers eight pleasure patterns, and five levels of intensity for incredible blended orgasms.

g-spot vibrator Vush sale

Vush Myth G-spot Vibrator

Vush sale

Vush’s Myth vibrator is another G-spot vibrator that was made with pleasure in mind. Aside from having five different pattern options and five differing intensities, it also has 25 personalised levels to explore.

Vush Glow G-spot Vibrator

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got the Glow Rabbit. It’s a dual stimulation vibrator (internal and external orgasms), with 10 different vibration settings and a fully waterproof design. How good?!

g-spot vibrator Vush sale

Anyway, that’s all the G-spot vibrators on sale at Vush at the moment, so go forth and find your new bedside bestie.