We’ve Launched An Actual TV Channel (!!!) So Here’s How To Watch All The Chaotic Content

Have you found yourself spending ages trying to find something to watch when what you really want is some TV content as zesty as what we deliver on our website and socials? Then do I have news for you… 

We’ve just launched our own television channel! 

Yep. On 9Now, PEDESTRIAN.TV has its very own TV channel aptly titled, PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION. But what will we broadcast?

24/7 chaotic content, that’s what. 


There’ll be content programming to turn up, tune in, or zone out to. We’ve curated a carefully considered programming mix of chaotic good that we think you’ll froth. 

This will include the content you know and love (stuff we’ve created that you’d usually see on our socials) and content we’ve discovered. There’ll be a mixture of music vids, comedy, reality, movies and super niche series. Basically, it’s a place to discover new shit and rediscover classics you can’t find anywhere else – all in the one place.

For example, Bromans is a reality show set in ancient Rome (in case you’re thinking about it). In Release The Hounds contestants are set tasks in a dark, haunted forest and then a pack of hungry dogs are sent after them. Yikes. Murder House Flip is a home renovation show that takes literal US crime scenes, power washes them and puts them back on the market – dark!

Snoop Dogg Presents: The Joker’s Wild is a casino-style game show featuring celeb cameos from Seth Rogen, Wiz Khalifa, Karlie Kloss, Method Man and more.

If you’ve been loving the Pamela Anderson renaissance, then you’ll love her underrated post-Baywatch 1998 series, V.I.P. where a small-town girl (Pamela Anderson) heads an elite bodyguard agency in Beverly Hills. Obsessed.

If you want to support local Aussie content, we’ll be streaming a bunch of independent series created by Robot Army. Spot Heartbreak High’s Chloè Hayden in Rostered On and watch the trials of inner-city Melbourne community housing with Flats.

There hasn’t been a home for Queer content on Australian free to air TV, until now. We’ve partnered with OUTtv to bring the iconic Slag Wars and Call Me Mother to PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION.

As well as underrated series, there’ll also be a bunch of cult classic films that you used to be able to rent at Blockbuster. From So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers’ first film post-Wayne’s World) to Bottle Rocket (Wes Anderson’s directorial debut), you’ll be able to impress your film bro date or mate with ease.

Then, there’s Eternal Family, a Mac DeMarco-founded web series crew that PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION is streaming exclusively from Canada. It’s THE most cooked content that you will see. Ever. I mean it.

If music is more your jam, then tune in to On Repeat, our all-Australian music programming that will share your fave artists… on repeat (geddit?). There’ll also be music playlists ready to soundtrack any vibe.

PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION will also keep you jacked into what’s going on with 90-second Australia Today news pieces by our PEDESTRIAN.TV and VICE journalists. And you can stay tuned in to what’s happening in your city with VICE’s Guide To The Weekend.

We’ll bring you celeb interviews and vox pops from key music events around the country and, if that’s not enough, PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION will make exclusive content with those artists, giving y’all insights into your idols both backstage and at home.

Phew. Basically, it’s shit-hot content, 24/7.


All of this juicy content and heaps more is streaming and on demand NOW on 9Now (lol) so hop to it if you want 24/7 chaotic good content. To get access to this content, all you need is a working internet connection (no hard feat) and a 9Now account.

Then, simply jump to the PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION channel in the 9Now app on your TV, phone, or browser, and it’s all yours. No adjusting of the free-to-air aerial here.

Enjoy, folks.