Tell Us Why Your 18th Was Memorable For A Chance To Win Tickets To PEDESTRIAN.TV’s B’day Party

It’s official, PEDESTRIAN.TV is 18 and can now legally look at adult sites.

To help us celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime milestone, we’ve partnered with some dear friends to bring the ultimate 18th birthday party to life.

Alongside our pals at White Claw, Tinder, Swanning Around, Mountain Culture Beer Co., Uber Eats and 19 Crimes, PEDESTRIAN will be throwing the doors open at The House of Music & Booze in Sydney on Saturday, June 10 for a one-day party. We’ll be passing over the aux cord to some wickedly talented DJs such as Baschoe, Bobbe (Vibe Positive), Mowgli May, Roof, Diva Cups, Isa, Ben Passe, Deepa, Andy Lowe and Chase Zera. The event will be catered to the grills, with Burger Head serving up some of Sydney’s best burgers and fries, with gluten-free and veggie-friendly options.

Sound like a hoot? That’s because it will be, and you, lucky readers, might have the pleasure of boogying with us. All you have to do to pass the vibe check is tell us what made your 18th memorable.

Head to this link, and see when and where it’s all going down.

Did you finally figure out how to tie your own tie by yourself? Confess your feelings to your high school crush? Did something expensive break? Or did everyone dance their lil hearts out until their parents had to pick them up?

Josie Rozenberg-Clarke, PEDESTRIAN Head of Editorial, said “PEDESTRIAN may have come of age but after 18 years of spicy content, we’re still as bratty as ever. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our birthday than by pulling a Corey Worthington and throwing a party with all our mates. Just don’t tell mum and dad.”

We’ll only be handing out ten double passes to the event, so get in quick because you won’t want to miss out. We look forward to raising the roof of the house of pop culture with ya!