Win A $10,000 New Zealand Trip For You & A Mate To Eat, Drink & Island Hop ‘Round Wellington

Win a new zealand trip

Everyone should visit New Zealand at least once in their lives, with heavy emphasis on ‘at least’. Every second spent in the picturesque country of Aotearoa, New Zealand is another glimpse into their overarching spirit of Manaakitanga – extending hospitality, kindness and respect to others.

If you’ve been dreaming of a trip to visit our neighbouring pals for yonks, 100% Pure New Zealand may just grant your wish like a real-life genie, and they’re encouraging Aussies to visit their home to respectfully explore and experience their culture. They’re a hospitable bunch, those lovely New Zealanders. 

Kicking off the week-long tour in Wellington, this trip of seven lifetimes truly has it all: hidden bars (like this local favourite jaunt for hotdogs and wine), Kapiti Nature Tours, craft breweries (like this banger), museums, Star Safaris (because the lights up there are probably way brighter in NZ), even a beekeeping experience. You couldn’t plan a better trip if you paid someone. 

Tropical paradise anyone?

Wellington has well and truly gained a rep for being a trendy go-to holiday destination over the last few years. With its hyped coffee culture, buzzing bar scene, options for thrifting and insane beaches, it’s kinda like if you took Melbourne and, well, put it somewhere jam-packed with natural beauty.

All you have to do is tell us in 25 words or less, why you’re keen to explore New Zealand, and the winner will get to pick a pal to come along for the journey. Choose wisely, because that friend will forever be in your debt. 

WIN: A 10K Trip To New Zealand For You and Your Best Mate

The itinerary is all sorted for you and your eternally grateful mate, so have a squiz at what’s in store below: 

Day 1: 

Fly into Wellington and get well-acquainted with primo cafes and restaurants—their coffee in particular gives Melbourne a run for its money.

Check in to the glamorous QT Wellington (which would usually set you back $1,800NZ for the stay) and prepare yourself for the week of exploring that lays ahead of you. 

Dinner is on us at Damascus, famous for its shared menus stacked with fresh produce, so it’ll be hard to go back to microwaved meals once you’ve had fresh seafood down your gullet. 

After your stomach’s filled to the brim, head to a secret bar for a post-dins bev. 

The Hippotatoums Bar at QT Wellington feels like Bridgerton in real life.

Day 2:

Explore the city’s staple attractions including (but certainly not limited to) the Wellington Chocolate Factory, or if you’re not a sweet tooth, the Wellington Apothecary to mix your own signature scent. This is followed by a brewery tour, lunch and dinner at more schmick restaurants and for the famished, a trip to the food markets. 

You’ll never eat this good again, perhaps ever? 

I will be tasting everyone’s chocolate for safety, so hand them over.

Day 3:  

Mosey down to The Hangar for a drop of brown gold (coffee, I’m talking about coffee), and from there it’s a day of eating and drinking your way around the parts of Wellington you’ve yet to see. 

In the evening, you’re invited to the World of Wearable Art show, touted as the most extravagant catwalk you ever did see – if you love design, fashion and performance art rolled into one, this is a high-level bucket list occasion. You’ll be raving about it to your uncultured mates back in Australia for years. Decades, even. 

This show really is a work of art.

Day 4: 

Over the mid-trip hump and it’s time for some museum trawling. After refuelling at the Harbourside Sunday Market, make your way to the Wellington Museum and soak in the sights and sounds. 

Museums overseas always feel so much more enlightening than ones in your city, so hopefully, you walk away with some sort of revelation or inspo. 

It’s like Night At The Museum, but like, Wellington instead.

Day 5:

It’s time to dive headfirst into the wilderness on the Kapiti Nature Tour, which includes an overnight stay, chef-catered meals and, of course, some bevvies to top it off. 

Not many people who visit New Zealand can say they stayed on Kapiti Island, so just add that to your list of ‘things my friends will never understand and are probably jealous of’. 

You get to stay on this island!? Lucky duck…

Day 6:

Breakfast on an island? The epitome of living the dream. After brekky, catch a ferry to Paraparaumu and from there, it’s a day chock full of winery tours led by a local Wellington guide and, in keeping with the trend, dinner and drinks to top it off.

Day 7:

It’s time to bid farewell to your temporary home, but not before a hearty breakfast at Martinborough and another beekeeping experience if you happened to miss the first one. 

It’ll be hard to say goodbye to the bees, but you can always send them a postcard if your separation anxiety kicks in. 

Check out the full details of the trip below (just click on the image) and get your hopes sky high – there’s no room for a glass half empty mentality when it comes to this competition. 

T&Cs apply.