How To Make Quitting Vaping Fun & Exciting Cos Everything’s Easier When Ya Make It A Game

Contributor: Pedestrian.TV
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I’m sure you know by now that vaping is basically decimating your insides. E-cigarettes contain hundreds of poisonous chemicals that not only harm you but even the people around you (yes passive vaping is a thing). 

It’s time you got a hold of yourself and kicked the stuff. 

Quitting vaping can be hard. Trust me, I know. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you turn it into a game, it can be kind of fun. Here’s how.

Give a friend your social media password

Here’s the game. If you vape, your friend will post the music video of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on all your social media channels. Without context. They will continue to do this every time you give in to temptation. 

Make a vape-free bucket list

All the stuff that would be super hard to do as a person who vapes. Like running a marathon, climbing Mount Everest, or even just climbing up your local hill. Everyone has a local hill. If you aren’t sure where your local hill is, just go outside and feel it out. Go on vibes. You’ll find the hill when the time is right.

Sweat it out

Channel your restless nicotine-craving energy into fitness. Engage in the exercise you enjoy, like yoga, surfing, dancing, or hiking. Physical activity not only helps distract you from cravings but also boosts your mood and overall well-being. Plus, breaking a sweat can make you appreciate the feeling of a healthy body even more. 

Make Tea your new bestie

Who says quitting vaping means saying goodbye to filling your mouth with questionable flavours? Replace that Lush Ice with Chai tea — it’s a small but enjoyable substitute that can help keep those evil cravings at bay and keep your restless mouth occupied.

Power in numbers

Though the journey may be tough, it doesn’t have to be lonely. Chances are, you have some people in your life who are also struggling with their battle against the plastic demon. Everyone you know who is on their own quitting journey can be a source of support and motivation. Why not have some fun with it and make a group chat with your fellow quitters? Our very own Jenna Suffern did just that for people at work and it has been So Helpful.

Treat yourself

Reward yourself for every milestone reached on your vaping cessation journey. Set achievable goals and establish a reward system that speaks to you. Escalate the prizes. Maybe a little treat for doing a full day, a bigger treat for a full week, and then a big present at the one-month mark. Whatever you decide to treat yourself with is down to what will motivate you and your budget. Only you really know yourself — but don’t be afraid to really lean into self-indulgence. Quitting is hard! You deserve nice things for sticking to it.

Bring a Beyblade with you everywhere you go

Feel like a vape? Let it rip instead!

For more help quitting, contact Quitline (13 78 48), or text, live chat or request a call back at You can also chat on Facebook Messenger with QuitVic. Get the facts on quitting vaping here.