As of right now, PEDESTRIAN.TV will only be reporting on waste management and illegal dumping and  in Sydney‘s west. We’ll be finding the dumpers, and exposing them for the crooks they are. That’s just the kind of site it is now. To that end: which one of you dumped a shitload of asbestos onto a street in Chester Hill?

Police were called about 1am on Monday after waste was discovered on Patricia Street. Manager of the Sydney Regional Illegal Dumping Squad, Darryl Atkins, told Fairfax that the dumper did it on the sly overnight:

About 11.30 last night a truck, a construction vehicle has come down with a load of material [and] gone up and down the street a couple of times and for whatever reason has decided to unload its payload right here in the middle of the street. It is a bit of an unusual combination of material but definitely something that doesn’t belong on a residential street.

I agree that a jumbled mass of construction waste probably does not belong on a residential street, and I applaud Mr Atkins on his courage to say so.

The City of Canterbury Bankstown confirmed in the above Facebook post that at least a few pieces of asbestos was among the carnage, but hazmat crews have been attempting to determine just how much of it is hazardous material.

According to Atkins, the fine for improperly disposing of asbestos contaminated waste is $2000, and  “for a company it goes up to $4000”.

I’m not saying that one of our readers did this, but I’m not not saying. C’mon, admit it.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Image: City of Canterbury Bankstown