I Invested In Actual Lounge Clothes And I Feel Like I’ve Unlocked Secret Rich Person Sorcery

There are some things that I’ll never stop associating with being the epitome of wealth. For example, knowing how to ski in your twenties. Getting your movie snacks from the pick-and-mix lolly containers at the cinemas. Growing up in a house with a ‘rumpus room’. You get the picture.

Another one of those things is owning and wearing ‘lounge clothes’. When I think of ‘lounge clothes’, my mind immediately conjures up an image of a woman in her mid-forties reading a smutty novel on the veranda of her holiday home in Cape Cod while sipping on a mojito made by her hunky butler. (Oh, to be that woman…).

Anywho, as I was yet again spending a Saturday arvo in some worn-out activewear, I thought, “Hey, why can’t I, too, pretend that I’m a bougie lady of leisure?” Life is stressful right now, which makes relaxing way easier said than done, so I’m ready to take any help I can get. After all, there’s nothing rich people do better than relaxing, so doing it like they do is probably the wisest option.

So naturally, I decided to do a little research on loungewear and came across Boody’s range of comfy-as lounge clothes. I nabbed myself a Classic Long Sleeve Tee and some Downtime Wide Leg Pants (they’re literally called downtime pants, how classy) and waited patiently for their arrival.

When I say they’ve changed the way I chill out, I’m not overstating things. Usually, my spare time between errands and social activities on the weekend is spent rotting on the couch for one-to-two hours in whatever clothes I come home in — uncomfortable jeans, a big jacket, etc. I get stuck in some pretzel-like shape, and there I lay, scrolling for hours, mindlessly.

But alas, once I put on the set, everything changed.

It’s not just watching TV when you’re in loungewear; it’s consuming media for analytical consumption and comfort (yes, that’s how I justify re-watching Girls again). Having a cheeky little fizzy bevvy on the couch between events isn’t a gremlin treat but a chance to reset and reflect. I simply felt like a wealthy retiree who’d spent their life travelling the globe when I sat down to read a book as the breeze crept in the window. Not to mention, the Boody pieces are also super soft and comfy, which helped elevate the whole ‘floating on a cloud’ vibe.

This Classic Long Sleeve Tee is truly the comfiest thing to girlboss a WFH day in.

I might sound crazy, but it is actually all very mindful. We’re all so time-poor today. So, in the time that we do have to relax — be it the few hours you have on a Saturday between social gatherings or your off-week night from the gym, make relaxing an actual event. We get ready for work, go out, go to the gym, and sleep with proper attire, so why not invest in some comfy ‘fits for chilling out too?

It helps your mind recognise that the time you’re spending is actually for resetting and not just mindlessly scrolling without taking anything in. I know it all sounds awfully philosophical for a few tops and pants, but if we’ve learnt anything over the last few years, it’s the little things every day that counts.