How To Enjoy Summer If You Hate Sweating, The Beach, & Just Being Outside In General

I’m sorry Lorde, but summer is overrated. As I sit in a pressure cooker that is my apartment, I yearn for the days when I could sushi-roll myself up in blankets and get a solid eight hours of sleep. Now I wake up like a damp cloth every handful of hours and chugging water for half an hour until I can get back to sleep.

If you’re like me and are loathing these hot months, here are some ways you can pass the time and make the hot season slightly more bearable.

Enjoy refreshing tropical drinks

If there’s one thing summer is known for, it’s the weather that perfectly pairs with lighter, more refreshing drinks. Whether you’re keen on some lemonade after mowing the lawn, or a nice peach iced tea after a long day of work, there’s something about summer that just makes these drinks taste better.

If you’re looking for something new and different from your usual alcoholic beverage, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has just released a new Caribbean style premixed cocktail. Made with their iconic Black Spiced Rum, the cocktail is also mixed with natural tropical flavours of pineapple, mango and coconut, topped with soda water for the perfect refreshing drink.

With the weather warming up, be sure to grab a four-pack of these from your local bottle shop to cool down and stay refreshed in the sun.

Rewatch all of Malcolm In The Middle

Image Credit: Malcolm In The Middle

I’m just going to say it, but Malcolm In The Middle is the best TV show ever.

If you’re like me, you might have this very specific nostalgia for Malcolm In The Middle airing on Channel 10 while growing up, almost exclusively during the summer. As a kid, this was the only reason to be excited for summer growing up, besides Christmas, extended holidays and Zooper Doopers.

If you haven’t caught the show in a hot minute, it only just recently came to Disney+ so you can finally binge it all in one sitting and make it your next comfort pick.

Enjoy afternoon walks

Image Credit: Her

It can be so hard to carry yourself off your chair on a scorching hot day, especially if you’ve slowly started to mold into it. But alas, we need our daily exercise and the fresh air is vital in improving our mood.

I will concede that nothing beats an afternoon walk in the summer when the sun slowly starts to set and the warm summer air can breeze through and cool you down. Especially if you go later when the streets are mostly quiet so you can let yourself get lost in whatever podcast or song you’re listening to while basking in the warm sun.

Form a breakfast crew

Image Credit: Joe Pera Talks With You

After spending an entire winter hibernating like a bear and hardly seeing your friends, you might be feeling that itch to see them. A great excuse to see your friends is to form a cute little breakfast crew to suss out some local brunch and coffee spots.

It’s something that’ll get you up bright and early in the morning, a low-effort activity for everyone, and if you go early enough in the morning, you skip the scorching heat. Plus, afterwards, you can hide in your house for the rest of the day guilt-free.

Sit on a balcony and read a book

Image Credit: The Master

Growing up is realising that there is no greater zen activity than sitting on a chair in the shade and reading a nice, long book.

Not only are you getting your vitty D for the day, but it’s been proven that reading can help reduce your stress levels and keep your mind healthy.

Move to a different country

If all else fails and you really can’t stand the heat, just pack your bags and leave for somewhere colder until it all blows over.

Image Credit: Key & Peele