TV Queen Elly Miles Spills On Her Fave Beaches Just Outside Sydney If You’re Looking For Inspo

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

I wholeheartedly believe everyone is a ‘beach person’, no matter how hard they fight against it. Now, I understand that locations like Bondi or Manly Beach in peak-summer are enough to turn anyone off sun, sand and waves for good (see: obnoxious crowds, waiting two hours for overpriced hot chips, bad parking etc.), but, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m here to remind you that we live on an island in the middle of the ocean and every major city is within a decent, drivable distance of some of the most ~stunning~, untouched beaches on the planet. If there’s one person who knows a thing or two about spending quality time near the water, it’s beach-queen and ex-Bachie star, Elly Miles. Elly loves a day in the sun, so we thought it might be good to hit her up and ask what some of her favourite spots are if you’re looking to soak up the remnants of summer.

Heading outdoors is also key to her mental wellbeing too, so she delved into how she likes to spend a day in the sun for max vibes.

“It’s 100% essential for me to be outdoors every day to keep my mental health in check. I feel so connected to myself whenever I’m outside enjoying nature. Whether it be taking my dog for a walk or going for a quick dip in the ocean, some kind of outdoor antic is a must,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV. 

Ready to hit the road? Here’s your inspo.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Give us a list of your favourite beach spots. 

Elly Miles: Dixon Park Beach, Catherine Hill Bay, Merewether Ocean Baths – my favourite being Dixon Park Beach! It’s huge so you’re always guaranteed to have plenty of space to yourself. My other faves include Redhead Beach, Bar Beach, Dudley Beach and Boomerang Beach further up the coast.

PTV: What are your favourite beaches you’ve visited around Australia?

EM: I’m not sure whether you’d call it a beach as it’s probably more of a bay kind of situation, but I love the coast around Currumbin in the Goldy. 

PTV: What about the beach do you find so calming?

EM: I find everything about being at the beach calming! The sound of the waves, the feeling of the warm sand, the smell of the salty air – I just love it all. It’s also the best place to catch up with pals and really soak up every moment. I love being to spend a whole day at the beach swimming, relaxing, and stopping for a snack in the arvo like a Proud & Punch pop

PTV: What are some things you do to ensure you’re in the present/mindful when spending time doing things you love like going to the beach?

EM: One thing I love to do to be present and mindful when I’m at the beach is to go for a walk and look for seashells! It’s so calming and truly makes you take a step back and appreciate the beauty of nature. 

PTV: Tell us what your dream beach day looks like? 

EM: My ultimate dream beach day would be head down to the beach with some friends! Put up an umbrella and really settle in! Pack a yummy esky/picnic with fresh fruit, salad rolls etc. Spend a good few hours down there enjoying the sunshine and a swim. Then head home completely zapped/relaxed to a delicious Proud & Punch Pining For Lime Pop on the lounge before a nap.