We Asked A Ski Season Worker If Having A Job On The Slopes Is Really One Long Party


If your big resolution for 2024 was to change literally every aspect of your life and completely re-brand, we don’t blame you. The last few years have been wild, and if you’re looking to throw every speck of the past away and start fresh, to that, we say huzzah.

But alas, change can be daunting. If you’re in need of some inspo, we spoke to Gabriela Bryant, who moved from the sunny beaches of northern NSW to Jindabyne to work (and become a bona-fide Snow Queen) at Perisher. Talk about a switch-up-and-a-half.

I don’t know about you, but working at a ski resort for the winter with a bunch of new people is literally the kind of stuff 2000s coming-of-age films are made of. Think about it — everyone’s decked out in adorable skiing fits 24/7, cool folks from all over the world visit, and, of course, there’s an epic lodge party to head to every weekend. Sounds like the perfect location for a re-brand, IMO.

So, here’s a little rundown of what it’s actually like living and working at a ski resort.

You’ll finally get a real sense of work-life balance

We’re all striving for work-life balance, but it isn’t the easiest thing to achieve — especially if you’re working from home, inside the same room you sleep, scroll and attempt to unwind in.

Clocking-off at Perisher looks a little different. Bryant says that with her current role as HR coordinator, she has the flexibility to adjust her work hours and schedule dedicated days off to focus on shredding the slopes during winter — which she adds is integral for her mental health.

“Recognising the importance of nurturing my own happiness and fulfilment, I’m eager to seize every opportunity to get out on the slopes and immerse myself in the joy of riding,” she notes.

“During my work breaks, I find solace and rejuvenation in hitting the slopes. It’s not just about the physical activity; it’s also about clearing my mind and connecting with nature.”

Hot tip: all employees at Perisher, Falls Creek and Hotham receive a staff discount at all Vail Resorts-owned retail and hospitality outlets, which is perfect if you want a cheap ‘lil treat after a day of work. Workers also cop a free lift pass, so you can spend unlimited hours taking in the immaculate views and honing your skiing skills.

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Imagine doing this after work, like???

You’ll meet amazing people from all walks of life

If the 2011 classic Chalet Girl taught me anything, it’s that the slopes attract a vast array of people — including world-class athletes. Bryant notes that during her time working at Perisher, she’s had the opportunity to snowboard alongside a few literal Olympic medalists — which sounds like pretty great motivation to amp up your skills.

“Having the opportunity to ride with Australian snowboarding royalty like Scotty James and Valentino Guseli was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I will cherish forever. Spending an afternoon carving up the slopes with these incredible athletes was a dream come true and an inspiring journey,” Bryant reflects.

Bryant also says that hitting the slopes with your workmates offers bonding opportunities that you likely won’t get in a regular office or workplace. Not to diss your typical ice-breaker activities, but the physical and mental challenges of skiing sound like a much more effective way to get to know your co-workers.

“There’s something truly magical about riding with friends on a powder day. It’s not just about the fresh tracks or the adrenaline rush; it’s about the shared experience of pure exhilaration and camaraderie. Powder days have this unique ability to bring people together in a way that transcends the ordinary. As we carve through the untouched snow, a sense of freedom and connection binds us. Each turn becomes a shared moment of laughter, excitement, and pure bliss,” says Bryant.

You’ll get to explore some of Australia’s most beautiful towns

Australia is full of hidden regional gems that sometimes go under the radar in favour of our big cities. For Bryant, working at Perisher has allowed her to explore the wonders of Jindabyne, which she says has stunning natural landscapes and an incredible party scene.

“The winter party scene is electric! It’s a vibrant kaleidoscope of energy where you meet an eclectic mix of people and dive into an endless stream of gigs and events. The town of Jindabyne comes alive with an infectious atmosphere that’s impossible to resist,” she says.

“The unique charm of Jindabyne comes with its small-town atmosphere and breathtaking natural beauty. In summer, there’s nothing quite like heading to the coast to reset and get my surfing fix. As the seasons shift and winter blankets the mountains in snow, my attention turns to the slopes, where I grab every opportunity to grab my snowboard and chase the thrill of carving through fresh powder.”

Me currently envisioning my epic winter working in the snow.

Now, I know that coming home from work and binge-watching old episodes of The Great British Bake-Off is totally a vibe. But imagine clocking off to go for a board down some of the most breathtaking slopes in Oz? Or finishing your work week with a gig in the middle of the coziest resort you’ve ever seen? Sounds pretty neat.

If you’ve started to create your vision board, head to Perisher, Falls Creek or Hotham for more info on how to apply for a gig.