Tell Us Your Favourite Bevs And Tunes For A Chance To Win A Sweet $500

win $500

Who doesn’t love a beveragino and some tunes playing in the background? There’s just something special about a can cracking open as a guitar strums in the background. If you just agreed with me, then I have a competition that you’re going to froth.

All you have to do is answer a couple of questions about your favourite beveragino, and you could win half a grand. That’s like watching one TikTok video and getting handed a trunk load of cash. Are you kidding me??

You can spend your $500 Prezzee voucher at all your fav bev and tune places, like Uber Eats, Spotify, Door Dash and Apple Music. You’ll be having a little happy dance to the tunes as you chug down all your favourite drinks worry-free.

What have you got to lose by pressing a couple of buttons? We might pay you for a quiz that you did daily at school, for FREE. You can only win more money from here.

I can’t enter, so please, for me, chase my free money dreams below.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Image credit: Bridgerton