You Could Brutally Drag Us For Our Shopping Content And Win A $500 Prezzee Voucher For Doing It

What makes you shop? Is it checking out influencers you like for their reccos? Is it catching a new product on The Shopping Network? Or is it stacking 10 vouchers together for a cart that hits the negative?

It’s pretty hard to work out how to shop in 2023, with so many 1-star reviews out there, who can you even trust anymore? That’s why we like to sling you shopping content from companies we reckon are pretty rad and reputable. So we can better shape the stuff we put out there, we want to hear what you think of all the products and services we chat about.

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No matter how you like the shopping game, we try and appeal to a bunch of different people here on Pedestrian. But now instead of us informing you of the suckiest new vacuum or coolest new gym outfit, we want to hear from you. All you need to do is check out the form below and let us know your thoughts! It’s easier than trying to find a voucher code for that shop you found on an Instagram ad.

500 dollarydoos is a good little boost for your online shopping as well – you can finally get into that wishlist you’ve been building without putting a massive dent in your bank account.

T&Cs can be found here.