Great Businesses Owned By LGBTQIA+ People That You Need To Know & Buy From

Mardi Gras celebrations are right around the corner, and everyone from the LGBTQIA+ community, allies and your local cafe are getting ready to celebrate one of the biggest Pride events of the year.

If you’d like to show your support this year, consider shopping from a local Aussie brand run by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. There are plenty of small online businesses that also donate a portion of profits towards LGBTQIA+ charities to help provide healthcare and living spaces for those in need. And luckily for you, we’ve helped streamline your search with some of our favourite queer-owned businesses that continue to do great things in the space.

Double Rainbouu

Resort wear is so back, mostly thanks to Double Rainbouu. This clothing brand has a dedicated cult following, thanks to its distinct style, but also for normalising Hawaiian shirts again.

One of the co-founders and creative directors is part of the LBQTQIA+ community and has been a huge voice in the brand’s iconic unisex design.

Take a look at their designs here.

More Plants

More Plants is a Sydney-based plant store, run by plant enthusiast Alex Wright. The store specialises in indoor house plants and is committed to bringing highly sought-after species to plant lovers across Sydney.

Be sure to check out what they have on offer here before I say ‘plant’ one more time.


Ellie Hopley is the artist behind Shuturp, a collection of prints, clothes and original work. The Queenslander has amassed a cult following thanks to her immensely funny comics, and her distinct and colourful style.

If you wanna laugh at some cute drawings and see their colourful designs, click here.


Looking to treat yourself to something snazzy? ORRIS might be the alternative you’re looking for. The company was co-founded by Australian Lani Le Berre and Frenchman Kenneth Koo to make luxurious soap and skin care with natural ingredients.

Find them here.

Sock Drawer Heroes

Sock Drawer Heroes is a trans-owned and operated gender expression store run from Sydney. The store stocks a wide range of items to help trans and gender-diverse people feel comfy in their skin, such as chest binders, packers, tucking underwear and more.

You can find them here.

Doolittle Illustrations

Eliza Williams, aka Doolittle Illustrations, is an incredible artist who creates colourful art of people and nature and has had her designs commissioned by some huge brands (hello, Spotify and BWS). Eliza also offers her designs in the form of textiles, prints, colourful pages and tattoos.

Here’s where you can find her stuff.


QnA is a streetwear fashion brand from Brisbane. If you’re looking for clothes that blend fashion with advocacy, QnA has wares that both queer folks and allies can don.

The brand wanted to recognise that being ‘out and proud’ looks and feels different to everyone and that some people want to wear pride on their sleeve without compromising personal style; for others. QnA also wants to help people balance self-expression with personal safety in public.

Check out QnA’s stuff here.

Frances Cannon

Frances Cannon is a Melbourne-based artist known for their designs that depict topics like body diversity, mental health, relationships and gender. They’ve created stickers, pins, earrings, prints and keychains with their art, and co-founded the non-profit space Pink Ember Studio.

Find them here.

Parfait Pins

If you’re keen on some colourful, anime-inspired pins, Parfait Pins has you covered. The store sells idol-inspired pins and other cute accessories. Parfait Pins has fundraised for queer charities and also sells personalised pronoun pins.

Take a look here.


Dys4ick is an original gender-affirming underwear brand dedicated to making a positive impact within the trans community.

Its designs blend style, comfort, and inclusivity to provide empowering experiences. The company also donates 10% of its profits to support hormone replacement therapy.

Check out Dys4ick’s stuff here.

Want to continue supporting local LGBTQIA+ owned and run businesses? Check out the BWYASSS Supporting Pride Far & Wide site, made in collaboration with BWS. It features Pride events, inclusive venues, and BWYASSS stores across the country who continue to advocate for members of the local community.