Try Not To Weep Over These Wholesome Stories Of Fans Supporting Our Gals In Green & Gold

We’re all proud of you girls.

There’s no questioning that Aussies have made history over the last few weeks. Everyone from your niece to your stuck-in-his-ways grandpa has been supporting our girls in gold.

Wednesday night saw every screen Down Under tuned into the Australia v England match, screams of support heard across the country when we scored a goal late in the first half. With other networks stopping their prime time shows in support, a whopping 11.15 million people caught the match on their screens, and 75,784 in person.

People across the country showed their support for the team. We heard from a bunch of people about how they did just that – and plan to keep doing so, despite the loss.

Bianca, 25

“I was an avid soccer fan as a kid and the Aussie gals have truly roped me back in! I know I’m not the first to say this, but I hope each player knows how instrumental they’ve been in shifting the culture around sport in this country. I’ll be whipping up a feast for my cousins on Saturday night to watch the gang fight for 3rd place!!”

Bree, 29

“Having the World Cup on home soil has been huge! I’ve loved every second of it, from going to live games and seeing seas of green and gold jerseys, to walking past packed pubs and watching people cheering on our girls, it’s been incredible to see our nation so captivated by women’s sport.

Our girls have made history, captivated a nation, turned non-football fans into obsessed ones, and inspired a whole new generation. They should be incredibly proud of themselves. You’ve made life-long fans this World Cup, and we’ll all be supporting you in our green and gold jerseys at the next one! YTG! <3″

Bianca, 57

“Would love to buy merch but have been told it’s all sold out 🙁 but definitely becoming a soccer girlie, GO GIRLS!!”

David, 39

“I bought a dang t-shirt, sharing on socials, getting along to live events and getting around the girls as much as possible!”

Ellie, 27

“I’m obsessed with the team now! I will be going to the pub with bells on and watching the gals fight it out for third place because that will be HUGE. Even though we haven’t made the final I am a convert and already googling when we’ll be able to see them play after the World Cup. I’ve followed them all on socials and will be buying a bloody scarf as soon as they’re back in stock. YOU’VE GOT THIS THIRD PLACE IN THE BAG, GALS!”

It’s been a huge few weeks for sports fans, with more to come!

Image Credit: Getty Images