Sling Us Words Of Support For The Girls In Gold & You May Cop FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals Tix

Who would’ve thought soccer could be this much fun?

The last few weeks of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ have been a whirlwind. It’s been a hoot to see so many people across the country getting behind our girls in gold. Our TV screens have featured pools of yellow during the last month, with girls of all ages supporting their new role models.

Hopefully, there’s much more to come. We’ve already conquered Canada, Denmark and France, with England up next.

Our girls in gold have captured the attention of the whole country – each of us remember exactly where we were when the winning penalty was kicked against France. But nothing could compare to being there and seeing it live.

How would you feel about catching the game to wrap it all up? Thanks to our mates at Visa, we’re slinging category one finals tix to a pair of lucky fans, and all you’ve got to do is shout your screams of support. Your messages of support might even make it on billboards across the country today!

Click the link below to tell us what well wishes you’d give the gals for their next game and you may end up being there to see Ellie Carpenter and the gang win their first FIFA Women’s World Cup™ .

WIN: A Double Pass To The FIFA Women’s World Cup Final

Who knows? You could be seeing history made on your doorstep. 

Image Credit: Getty Images