7 People On How To Make Moving Home More Bearable If You Wanna Avoid Having A Nervous Breakdown

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Uber to help make moving day a little less stressful.

Congratulations, you’re moving! Now is the perfect time to reflect on all the unnecessary junk you’ve accumulated over the years and question your life choices.

Look, If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of packing up your entire life into cardboard boxes and relocating to a whole new abode is enough to make you break down in tears.

That’s why I harassed some people to find some tips and tricks on how to make the whole process not so soul-destroying. So heed the words and wisdom from the following and you too can survive the horrors of moving without losing your sanity (or your fave Pokemon mug).

Jake, 24

“I bribe my friends with pizza and beer to help me move. It’s a win-win — they get free food and drinks, and I get help with the heavy lifting. Plus, it makes the whole thing heaps more fun.”

Ebony, 26

“I joined Uber Carshare to help my partner and I move house. We are both drag performers so we have a LOT of ‘stuff’ between the two of us — amongst costumes, shoes, props, and all our home stuff.

We’re also moving in together from two separate houses, so hiring a van from Uber Carshare is going to help us drastically reduce the cost of moving, and work flexibly around our busy work and gig schedules. We can hire a van whenever we need, find one within our price range and nearby to make our very queer Uhaul lesbian moment as simple as it can be.”

Chris, 25

“I label A LOT. I make sure to label all my boxes clearly, including a brief list of what is inside each one. People call me crazy, but I’ve never once had to stress opening 12 boxes to find my toothbrush. So if that’s crazy I don’t want to be sane.”

Tegan, 28

“It’s a good opportunity for me to do a massive clothes cull — it’s actually quite enjoyable and freeing. I love the process and feel so much lighter after it. Plus, I donate everything before I move so that there’s less to drive over to the new house.”

Alex, 24

“I always pack an ‘essentials’ box with all the things I know I will need right away, like toiletries, a change of clothes, and basic kitchen stuff. That way, I don’t have to frantically dig through boxes to find what I need on the first day in my new place.”

Maria, 26

“I research and book my internet and utilities like well in advance, so everything is set up or on its way to being set up by the time I move in.”

James, 25

“I know this sounds boomer, but I take photos of all my electronics and cords before unplugging them, so I know exactly how to set them up again without stressing too much.”

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