7 Ways To Make Money On Social Media If You’re Sick Of The Whole ‘Going To Work’ Thing

Money — pffft, who needs it — amirite? I DO. I need it. A lot of it. How else am I going to afford growing my collection of life-size cutouts of Tom Cruise? They say when you reach 100, he’ll come to your house to thank you in person — only 12 more to go, Tommy.

The thing about money though, is it’s a tad annoying to get a hold of. Because of you know, work (AKA, the thing we do to obtain money). But what if I told you there was a way of making cash while also having fun on the internet?

That’s right, scooch over a little closer children — I’m about to show you how to make bank on social media. Roll act 1:

Get a pet

It’s impossible to be online in 2024 without encountering the social media profile of a really adorable animal. Some of these creatures make tens of thousands of dollars per post. Yes, you read that correctly. Jiffpom, a fluffy pomeranian with 9.2 million followers on Instagram, makes around $50k per post, and he doesn’t even have opposable thumbs!

Just look at that smug, rich schmuck. He’s not the only one. Nala Cat, a former shelter cat, now has 4.5 million followers and makes about $22k per Insta post. I could go on but, I don’t want to depress you by making you acutely aware of your own lack of popularity (chin up, 32 likes on that New Year’s Eve pic ain’t bad, everyone has bad days).

Luckily you don’t have to be popular. Just start snapping pics of your pet and posting them online! If your pet is ugly, abandon it! Get a beautiful one! Nothing personal Rex, you’re just not cut out for showbiz.

(Don’t actually abandon your pet, you psychopath. There are plenty of plastic surgeons out there that’ll sort out that ugly mess on four legs you love so dear).

Snap some pics

Speaking of snapping pet pics, why stop there? Take pics of everything! Start a photography page and go on fun outdoor adventures and document them, take portraits of your friends, get some moody city shots, the possibilities are endless. Don’t worry if you aren’t “good” — photography is an art, and art is subjective — if you think something looks nice, there’s sure to be others out there who think the same. 

Plus, if you equip yourself with the right tools, you’ll really make your pictures pop. In terms of cameras, you can’t go wrong with a Canon R-Series with RF lenses, which are packed with some of the most advanced tech on the market. Fast and responsive autofocus and high-grade image stabilisation mean they’re perfect for beginners all the way to industry pros — and there’s a full range to suit any shooting style. 

Find your niche

Look, just because everyone in your life thinks you’re cringe and boring, doesn’t mean it’s true! I think you’re special 🙂 

Find whatever makes your heart beat fast, and let your soul sing, and focus on that. People are making so much money from their niche online hobbies. You know that guy who guesses the location of a random Google Maps photo in like half a second? Watch this wholesome reel — I dare you not to shed a tear.

He literally made all that happen by sharing his niche hobby with the world! Sure, he’s an extreme example, but the lesson is a real one: be yourself, celebrate yourself, and the world will take notice.

Get crafty

Social media is the new market. It’s full of people making a decent living selling their art. Again, like we said with photography, you don’t need to be good — just be YOU. Maybe you like making dreamcatchers, or little mouse houses, perhaps you are really into drawing Pokemon with guns (sick) — whatever you like creating, why not make a page for all that stuff? You could be sitting on a gold mine.

Become a Meme Lord

Everyone loves memes. Think you’re clever? Make some! Popular meme pages can make thousands of dollars from sponsored posts and brand collaborations. Plus, memes are fun and easy to make. Look, I’ll make one right now:

Scam people

Hey, I’m not your mother. 

Sell some of your giant life-size cutouts of Tom Cruise

Look, obviously, this is a last resort. But, these things are valuable — and the market is HOT. Yes, it will hurt to part with them, but your wallet will thank you. And remember, don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.