5 Money Rules To Start Following If Those 2am Online Shopping Sessions Are Making A Dent

Money. It’s a simultaneously confusing, wonderful, stressful and weird thing. But, we kind of need it to survive, and it’s genuinely never been harder to make it, save it and manage it.

On the flip side, thanks to the internet, more money-related info is at our disposal than ever before. Heck, #MoneyTok literally has over 24 billion views on TikTok. But even then, sifting through it all to find something relevant to your situation can be tricky.

So, if you’re feeling stuck and need a little juice to start managing your finances a little better, here’s a bunch of money tips we’ve gathered over time that we reckon could help (even just a bit).

Shop with trustworthy friends

Embarking on a cheeky shopping trip with pals is one of life’s greatest joys. I know it’s not the ‘coolest’ of hangs, but I genuinely believe there’s nothing better than perusing a shopping centre, getting coffee and talking absolute smack with your besties till your feet (and jaw) hurt.

I would say there is one kind of friend to avoid on trips like this — the one who’ll be able to rationalise any impulse buy for you. The one who’ll witness you glance at a pair of shoes you don’t need and convince you that the purchase will be in the name of ‘self-care’ or that you absolutely need to overhaul your entire makeup collection for no good reason.

Save these mates for picnics, movie nights, or any activity that won’t put a significant hole in your bank account.

Try and resist temptation

Shopping apps have been one of our generation’s saving graces. However, their convenience can lead to nasty spending habits if you’re not careful. Additionally, thanks to social media, we’re constantly bombarded with ads for products we didn’t even know we needed that’ll miraculously improve our lives.

I get it — it’s hard not to want to buy into the promise of a bigger and better life. But, with heaps of essential expenses in the pipeline, a little practice with our friend willpower goes a long way.

Become a spreadsheet girlie

I know it sounds boring, but sometimes the best way to keep on top of your finances is with a good ‘ole spreadsheet. It’s the easiest way to visualise what you’re actually spending money on, what upcoming payments you’ve got in the pipeline and how much you’ve got left over to put in savings. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and help keep your head above water during ~chaotic~ times.

But, if you ever do need a little extra help paying for expenses there are options available. For example, if you’re an ANZ credit cardholder, the bank has created a new feature called ANZ Instalment Plans which allows you to buy now and repay later by making a credit card purchase and repaying it at your own pace, whether that be over three, six or 12 months.* If you’re happy to pay a setup fee, you can get access to 0% p.a. interest^ on eligible purchases once enrolled in your Plan. 

(Hot tip: credit cards can also come with  heaps of perks like earning points for your spending (if a points earning card is right for you), credit back to your card offers and concierge services that can help book stuff like travel, restaurant reservations and more, which is fab because time is money, people!)

Undo your people-pleasing ways

If you’re the friend who always shouts drinks, dinners and coffees, you probably go home and glance at your bank account with regret more often than not.

I get it! You want people to like you, and you probably value generosity above everything (which is a fab quality to have). But alas, it’s time to reassess these people-pleasing ways.

I’m not saying stop buying your friends nice stuff, but if you find yourself repeatedly shouting rounds without reciprocation, maybe it’s time to set some boundaries. And bin those mates, TBH.

Don’t go online shopping when yr sad

Retail therapy is real. While heading into the shops at 2 am on a Tuesday night mid-meltdown might not be an option, online shopping is. Whoever invented online shopping surely created it with the intention of people hacking into their savings during a late-night existential crisis.

Leave things in your cart for 24 hours before hitting buy and trust me, it’ll change your life. I know we’ve been tricked into thinking that everything we want online will sell out in three seconds, but we’re sure it won’t.

A little mindfulness will go a long, long way.

Learn more about ANZ’s Instalment Plans here.

This article is general information only and is not personal advice. It contains only the views of the author(s) and does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances. You should consider whether it is appropriate for you and read the relevant terms and conditionsProduct Disclosure Statement and the ANZ Financial Services Guide (PDF) before acquiring any product. Applications for credit are subject to ANZ credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions, and fees and charges apply. Australian credit licence number 234527.

* Approval, eligibility criteria, T&Cs apply. Fees & charges may apply.

^A Plan interest rate is a discounted purchase interest rate that applies to an ANZ Instalment Plan balance if and while it’s enrolled in a Plan. For more information, see the ANZ Instalment Plan T&Cs (PDF).