Jobs FAQ

1. How do I post a job on Pedestrian Jobs?

  • Simply register an account with us HERE (it’s free to sign up) so you can keep tabs of all the jobs you post.
  • Once you’ve set this up, just log in with your details and find the “Upload a Job” tab on the home page of your account.
  • Fill in all necessary details via our easy peasy Jobs template then click submit!
  • Once you’ve made the job, it’ll be sent to our end for approval before going live on the site.

Too easy!

2. How much does it cost to post a job on Pedestrian Jobs?

$99+gst for all positions. For a fuss-free fix, we’re all about connecting you to the perfect candidates without having to scroll through 100’s of irrelevants… ain’t nobody got time for that!

3. So, how long before my job gets approved?

We endeavour to get jobs approved within 24 hours of it being submitted to us or at the live date specified. If there are any issues with delays contact us directly at [email protected]

4. So I want to post an internship up, what should I include in my ad to stay out of trouble?

We understand the benefit of legally abiding, valuable internships within the creative industry and although we don’t personally take on unpaid employees or interns, we do understand that this sort of experience can help in landing full-time roles. With that being said we do review all internship positions and actively work with listers to review/check details of internships submitted with us.

So if you want to post an internship or any unpaid work with us (and actually get this approved) please ensure the following details regarding the following are covered in your advertisement:

  • Expenses or remuneration
  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • Own equipment needed
  • Duration and period of internship
  • The possibility of the internship being used to sign off study requirements/gain accreditation

Also, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a peek at what Fair Work have to say about internships while you’re at it. If you’re still confused, take a look at the P.TV Internship guidelines we’ve created to help you navigate the Fair Work guidelines.

5. I’m having trouble-logging in/submitting my job ad/tech-related issues/have more questions about Pedestrian Jobs!

Email your friendly neighbourhood jobs friend on [email protected]