Cosmic Cookware’s Range Of Non-Stick Essentials Are On Sale RN & That’s Chrissy Lunch Sorted, Bb

Cosmic cookware
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I was recently holed up in bed with the flu watching reruns of Masterchef and Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen (don’t ask), when the sudden urge to get my cooking mojo back hit me. However, it only took two minutes of me being deep in this ambitious endeavour to realise that having good quality pans is a pretty fkn important part of the cooking process — and one I did not possess. That was until I stumbled upon Cosmic Cookware’s range of non-stick goodies

Carefully crafted with a Swiss-certified ILAG ceramic coating that’s guaranteed to be free from Teflon (PTFE), PFOA, cadmium, lead, and other nasty chemicals, Cosmic Cookware’s range is big on making sure none of the nasty stuff seeps into your dinner. It’s also designed to be 100% suitable for induction, gas and electric stovetops — meaning you can use it no matter how many rental properties you churn through, bb.

And with the launch of its newest ‘Feast from the East’ range comes a pretty solid set of cookware bundles for beginners that equip ya with all the basic essentials. My favourite is the brand’s ‘Master of Feast’ set that includes a Cosmo 28cm Fry Pan for easy tossing and flipping, a Cosmo Wok for constant stirring and monitoring, plus the Cosmo One-Pot-Pan that you can stir fry, saute, simmer and serve all in one. How’s that for a dinner party-proof investment that’ll last ya from your sharehouse to your forever home? 

Sold in either navy or cream, you can get your amateur chef mitts on the set for $439 (usually $477) or buy each pan separately starting from $149 each. That said, if you are a regular in the kitchen and want the option of mixing it up, the legends at Cosmic Cookware also make a matching Casserole Dish ($139, usually $149) and Sauce Pan ($83.90, usually $139). 

As a special early Black Friday/Cyber Monday treat, the brand’s even offering y’all lucky bastards a bunch of further discounts depending on how much you spend:

  • 20% off with min-spend of $389 (Code: CCSALE20)
  • 25% off with min-spend of $439 (Code: CCSALE25)
  • 30% off with min-spend of $569 (Code: CCSALE30)
  • 35% off with min-spend of $619 (Code: CCSALE35)

Just make sure to apply the relevant code during checkout to enjoy your additional discount. 

So, what TF are you waiting for? Check out the full range here, stat.

Image Credit: Cosmic Cookware