Here’s 5 Small But Mighty Xmas Gifts So You Can Finally Ace The Office Secret Santa This Year

Tis the season! Santa’s on his way, ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is playing in every Coles across the country and I’ve been craving candy canes a little more than usual.

There’s nothing better than heading to a department store to try and find some killer prezzies that’ll knock your Secret Santa’s socks off. But as we slowly make our way along in life, it gets a little tougher to try and find a present that’ll hit the mark.

So, today we’re diving into some killer affordable presents that’ll be perfect no matter who you’re buying for.

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Have you ever stopped to think that’s is possible to literally grow your own food? Imagine giving that as a gift to a loved one, and for a measly few bucks!. You can bring anything from tomato, lettuce, basil, or even pumpkin to life – probably a bargain way to start a life in this day and age tbh. Now I think I want a lettuce baby.

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Coffee Voucher

I don’t know about you, but if someone bought me a week of soy lattes, I’d be indebted to them for the rest of my life. Free morning boosts of energy? Where do I sign up? For an easy $20 to $30, you could grab a mate a voucher for their local mocha-makers.

Movie gif. Panel 1: The text reads, “Before coffee” Meryl Streep as Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada looks depressed, tired and disheveled. She wears no makeup and her hair is out of place. She shakes her head and looks done with the world. Panel 2: Text reads, “After Coffee.” Elevator doors open to reveal Miranda in a beautiful fur coat, hair perfectly in place, and holding a work binder. She whips off her sunglasses and her makeup is perfectly done. She means business.


Remember back in school when your mum would take you to Officeworks and you’d pick out one $10 pen? That one you’re still using a decade later. Give that as a gift this silly season and never hear the end of it. Whether it’s a pen or a diary, you’ll be giving them the gift of feeling like they have their life together.

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A Book

There aren’t many presents out there that say ‘I’ve been thinking about you’ quite like a book. Spend a few extra dollarydoos and head to a locally-owned bookshop. It’ll make them feel pretty good too, knowing your money went to the family down the road rather than Big Book.

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Instant Scratch-Its

When it comes to presents that are low-cost but pack a punch, a lottery ticket does the trick. If you’re over 18, head into a newsagent, grab some Instant Scratch-Its gift packs and give your loved ones the chance to win. Just imagine if your mate won. Who knows, maybe they’d even share a bit of it with ya.

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With all these reccos, you’re bound to get invited to a few more Christmas parties.