Tell Us How Music Has Impacted Your Life And You Could Win $2500 Big Ones

It’s high time to get together and feel alright, as Bob Marley: One Love is coming to our shores to satisfy our souls this Valentine’s Day.

The spiritual superstar left a bigger mark on this world than that fellow who invented sliced bread, so we’re throwing a competition to honour the upcoming movie and one of reggae’s most influential singers. 

Whether you were born yesterday or 50 years ago, you know about Bob Marley. Even if you didn’t physically drive along the coast listening to Jamming with the summer breeze whipping your face, Marley’s music makes you feel like you did.

Starring Kingsley Ben-Adir (Barbie; Peaky Blinders) in the titular role, Bob Marley: One Love documents the musician’s meteoric rise to global recognition for his relentless work towards peace in 1970s Jamaica when political unrest was rife.

Bob Marley’s music struck a chord with the entire world and continues to do so, which begs the question: how has music as a whole impacted your life? 

To celebrate the release of Bob Marley: One Love, we are sending one music buff $2500 for the most enthralling answer, so start reflecting and pop your response (up to 25 words) in the form below. 


It’s safe to say music serves as the soundtrack to most of our lives, right from when we were an inaudible blob of a baby to the day we look back on our years perched on a comfy rocking chair.

Did you lean heavily on music when life was getting a little too loud? Did you play one song on repeat to really enhance the excitement when you got a text notification from the love of your life? Tell us about it. 

After you’ve finished reminiscing, message that one person who appreciates music as much as you do and tee up a cinema sesh to bask in the inspirational life of Bob Marley on the big screen—you will have to wait until at least Feb 14th, when it starts showing in cinemas, but this might be a sign to ask that special someone if they’re doing anything on Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of how much you know about Bob Marley’s life, you’re in for an uplifting treat (if not a tad tear-jerking in parts). Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch (No Time To Die; Captain Marvel) give the icon a Ziggy Marley-approved tribute, and you’ll undoubtedly leave the cinemas believing there’s a lot more to life than your standard 9-5 stressors. 

Catch Bob Marley: One Love on the big screen from Valentine’s Day.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures