PSA: Here’s How You Can Cop One Of Amazon’s Sold-Out Garlic Puddings & Have It Delivered By Xmas

Folks, it’s officially Christmas week, and I’m sure by this point you’ve indulged in plenty of silly season delights. But, if you’re looking for a way to zhuzh your celebrations for the 25th even further, we may have some news that’ll really jingle your bells.

So, ICYMI — last week Amazon Australia dropped a very limited edition Cob-Loaf Christmas Pudding (a ‘Frankenpud’, if you will), in collaboration with ex-Masterchef fave Montana Hughes and Aussie purveyors of pud, Pud For All Seasons.

The pudding combines the savoury, cheesy and garlicky flavours of a cheesy cob loaf (an Aussie delicacy) with the festive and sweet delights of a tradish Chrissy cake. It’s kinda like Rachel Green’s borked Thanksgiving trifle — it’s got bread crumbs, caramelised onions, cheese, rosemary, dried fruits and garlic, all homogenously mixed up in a sumptuous, sugary dough.

Naturally, these quirked-up gems of goodness sold out instantly when they were released. However, Amazon managed to whip up five more, and are giving them away just in time for Christmas dinner.

All you’ve got to do to put yourself in the running to receive one of these culinary delights, is tell us what your favourite Christmas food combo is in 25 words or less. Pretty dang easy right? And thanks to the wonders of express shipping, you could find yourself tucking into a tasty garlic pud on Christmas day. Entries close at 11:45 am on Wednesday the 20th.

Win 1 of 5 Sold-Out Garlic Puddings For Xmas Thanks To Amazon

Now, if you can hear your Nan crying somewhere in the distance over this untraditional concoction, ignore her. She was probably going to say something problematic anyway. Personally, the thought of dunking the cake in a bucket full of sauce sounds delicious.

“Making the Christmas pudding fit for Australian Christmas meant playing with flavour combinations and experimenting with what we define as a ‘typical’ dessert. I wanted to create something memorable, that has a place next to our seafood and mango salad. The pudding is a little bit sweet, a little bit savoury, and a whole bit off the beaten track. A perfect reflection of Christmas down under,” said Hughes, explaining the inspo behind the pud.

If you don’t win, there’s a silver lining — there are heaps of Aussie small businesses on Amazon with pre-Xmas delivery options for metro areas if you’re keen to scoop up something locally made on a time-crunch.

Good luck!!! And have a very merry (and garlicky) Chrissy.