Ranking All The Treats You Would’ve Begged Mum For During A School Hols Shopping Trip In 2006

Friends, let’s take a journey back in time. It’s the middle of the school holidays, you’ve stocked up on money after Xmas and your biggest worry is whether you remembered to charge your Nintendo DS.

You are simply living. Then, Mum throws an absolute spanner in the works, dropping the bomb that groceries need to be done. You beg and plead not to go — you have Nintendogs to feed, for Christ’s sake!! Until she promises to buy you a tasty little somethin’ at the shops, which truly makes having to brave the frozen food aisle worth it.

Honestly, as an adult, the chore of grocery shopping doesn’t get much easier. So, if you’re looking to tide yourself over with a little treat the next time you head out, here’s a ranking of all the goodies you’d beg mum for.

A ridiculous scoop of rainbow icecream

There was nothing better than losing yourself in a scoop of ice cream while mum talks to your crush’s mum in the cereal aisle. Although it finally makes sense why mum didn’t want to buy you one in the first place[, given the sticky, drippy mess they made.

The ultimate hot weather solution

Nothing cooled you down more than a slushie – they were perfect for a jaunt around the local shop and stop. Mum only had to drop a few bucks on an iced treat too, and – it kept you energised for the rest of the day, especially with how bloody hot shopping centres can get.

Piping hot pillows of joy

Close your eyes and remember your childhood food court – what’d it smell like? Cinnamon donuts, of course. There’s no question cinni donuts are the undisputed GOAT of shopping centre cuisine, and they were always the easiest to convince mum on too, because she could cop a piping hot milky latte with them.

Crispy, salty bad bois

If you didn’t feel like a sweet, hot chippies were the ultimate shopping centre lunch. I can pretty much feel how numb my mouth would go from the lashings of delicious chicken salt that’d make you wonder why they never tasted that good at home.

An ice-cold, delicious Chiller

You were bound to see a Gloria Jeans during a shopping centre adventure with Mum back in the day. Since coffee probably didn’t tickle your fancy as a kid, you probably reached for something a little sweeter and creamier, like an iconic Chiller. Best of all, they still stock them too in a bunch of flavours like TimTam, mint, and even Biscoff® (for a limited time), so you can dive into a bit of nostalgia next time you’re a little parched.

So go on, give mum a buzz, take her to the shops and grab her a Chiller.