You Could Score A Year’s Worth Of Sweet Car Juice If You’re Up 4 The Challenge

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

When you have no moneys – or very little moneys – free things keep you going. For instance: you might go to supermarkets not to buy groceries but to eat free cheese samples. Or you might visit your parents more than is socially acceptable because that way you can do your laundry at their house where they have both detergent and a dryer. It’s called living within your means, which are in the negatives. You have negative means.

Being low on funds may also mean that you have to hide yo’ car keys because petrol is heaps ‘spenno – so you just walk everywhere, a thing a friend of mine actually did. Like she would walk three hours into the centre of town because she didn’t have money for the bus.

I’m done.

Well that doesn’t have to be you anymore, thanks to Optus. They’re giving away an entire year’s worth of sweet, sweet car juice (fuel, obvs) from Caltex and Ampol petrol stations through their Play for Perks chatbot.

The cost to compete? You’ve just gotta complete a not-so-challenging challenge with their Facebook Messenger chatbot from midday on Monday 26 March to midday Thursday 29 March. Should your mission be successful you’ll be in the running for free fuel.

Mission: Very Possible.

From Thursday midday a whole slew of instant win prizes will be up for grabs through your chatty friend, including free grub from Oporto and Sushi Hub. Nice. But prizes can literally be won every day, so give it a crack. The more you try, the higher your chances will be, right? RIGHT?

Every minor mission you complete also puts you into the draw to win the Play for Perks major prize: a yacht trip in Italy, worth $56K.

You, in Italy.

Altogether, the folks at Optus are spending a cool $2 mil on this prize pool, and – provided you’re an Optus customer, and aged over 14 – it certainly can’t hurt to give one (or more) of their chill challenges a try.

If you want a chance to work on your natural glow under the Tuscan sun, or you just want to sip on (we strongly recommend you DO NOT do this) that car juice, it’s probably high tide you accept Optus’ Play for Perks minor mission: you’ve got until April 2.

Play now here.

*AU14+ Optus customers only. Selected prizes at selected times, until allocations last. Ends 2/4/18 11.59am AEDT. T&Cs apply.