WOW (Women Of The World) festival is back in Australia for 2020, this time making its week-long home at the Brisbane Powerhouse from April 2-5.

Starting in London, WOW is a major global festival celebrating women and girls and exploring the issues we face. It’s a cool concept, trying to imagine a future in which gender doesn’t matter and the world is equal.


You can click here for the full lineup, but headliners include former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, former Governor-General Quentin Bryce and musician Christine Anu.

Some events are free, so check the schedule, but if you buy a day pass you’ll have access over 100 expert speakers chatting about stuff like new economies, climate response, human rights, health and wellbeing, first nations, and media.

It’s not all talks though. You can also get amongst a bunch of performances by local Queensland artists as well as national and international acts. There’s a marketplace, where you can check out artists, businesses, social enterprises and women’s orgs mostly from around Queensland.

You can also get into one or many of the workshops learning everything from financial management to re-cycling your clothing to skateboarding, dancing and learning to sew.

Sounding pretty cool? Of course it is! Better hurry up and get on it, last time over 5000 people bought tickets. Find yours here.

Image: Provided