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If we’re being totally honest, about seven out of 10 of you had to google where Taipei is right? Go on, no-one’s watching, you can admit it. Lucky for you, I’m here to say it’s the capital of Taiwan and overlooking it for your next overseas jaunt is a HUGE mistake.

It was settled in the early 18th century by Chinese immigrants who popped over from the mainland and was uniquely blended with Japanese traditions when they arrived during World War II, giving the place a fascinating mix of cultural influences. Not to mention its natural beauty that boasts rugged mountains, rolling oceans and unique rock formations.

Plus you can get there on an AirAsia flight for less money than a trip to the other side of Australia, so that helps.

Thirsty for more deets? Let me give you five specific examples of why Taipei is the place to be.

1. Mother Nature out-did herself

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The whole island of Taiwan is stunning, and that doesn’t stop around the capital. It’s impossible to name everything here, but Wulai Waterfall and Teapot Mountain definitely need to make your list

For a change of scene, check out the weird and wonderful Yehliu Geopark. Volcanic rocks have been eroded into all sorts of odd shapes.

2. The markets are unparalleled

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Taipei really brings its A-game with unique, attention-grabbing markets selling everything from street food and spices to souvenirs and fashion.

Chinese medicine, fabrics and a lively special Lunar New Year market are found on Dihua Street, while Herb Alley was a famous spot for Chinese herbs. Shilin Night Market is also considered the largest and most famous in the whole country.

3. So are the annual events

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If you can time your trip around some of the amazing events, then you absolutely should. Pingxi Lantern Festival would be my top pick for you. Once a year people gather in Taipei to write their wishes on paper lanterns before releasing them into the sky and hoping their ancestors will make it happen.

The aforementioned Dihua Street Lunar New Year markets are also for sure worth a visit. There’ll be traditional food and crafts as well as one hell of a vibe.

4. The buildings are fascinating

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The rich history here leads to some truly spectacular architecture to take in. There’s the famous Longshan Temple, built in 1738 by Han immigrants and used as a community centre and house of worship.

The four-story Zhongshan Hall may not be quite as pretty, but it was where the Japanese surrender ceremony was held in October 1945. Guandu Temple is one of Taiwan’s oldest, dating back to the 1600s.

These examples barely scratch the surface, but they’re good places to start.

5. They’ve got the tea (houses)

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Taipei’s Japanese era left behind some truly beautiful, traditional tea houses. Wistaria Tea House was built in 1920 for navy peeps to use. It was later taken over by artists, literati and political rebels. Yaoyue Teahouse is quite literally set in the mountains and stays open 24-hours a day.

Of course, you could always pop over to the mountain town of Jiufen where tea houses with sweeping ocean views are in abundance.

I know, I know – now I’ve gotten you all excited and you simply need more. I did it to myself too, tbh. Head over to AirAsia to find your tickets. 2020-you deserves this adventure.

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