I am an avid solo traveller. Don’t get me wrong, travelling with people is amazing but if I waited for other people to get the same holidays as me I’d never go anywhere. Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve experienced more than my fair share of hostels around the world and can therefore definitively say, from a place of never being wrong ever, that hotels are better.

Is this a scandalous opinion to have in my social travel circles? Oddly yes, it is a bit, but hear me out.

1. You Can Meet New People In Either, If You Want

One of the biggest pluses loyal hostel stayers will claim is the social aspect. And look yeah, it is great. But news flash, you can make friends in both. And yes I’m speaking from experience. Head to the pool/ the bar/ whatever common room the hotel has. If you’re open to meeting new people, they will come.

Plus how many times in a hostel were you stuck with people who just wanted to get crunk and not join you for actual sight-seeing and/or cultural activities the next day? Boring.

Besides, sometimes when you travel you just want the time to yourself, whether that’s because you’ve been on the road for months at a time or because it’s a short trip with people you’re close to. A hotel gives you the option to do either, but try avoiding people when you’re sharing your dorm with 10 of them.

2. No-One Will Turn The Lights On At Stupid Hours Of The Morning

I still don’t understand why some people have not worked out that between the hours of 11pm and 7am it’s a douchebag move to flick on every light in the dorm. Sure, you just got in from a different timezone or a big night out, but you either shuffle around quietly by the light of your phone or you deal with it in the morning.

Of course, those people never learn and you can just avoid the whole issue and book a hotel room instead.

3. Breakfast Will Always Be More Than Toast & Cereal

Breakfast will always be one of life’s truest pleasures. But you know what sucks? When you turn up to one when you’re on holidays and all that’s on offer is toast and some very basic cereal. And yeah, I love cereal too but I have that every day at home.

What I don’t have is a big cooked brekkie with eggs and avocado and bacon. Well ok I’m vegetarian and I never have bacon but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the smell. So yeah, hotels win this round.

4. No Dorms Full Of People Who’ve Forgotten How To Wash

Oh yes, this comes from a very specific experience in my life when I checked into a hostel dorm room one night and the boy/girl ratio was pretty evenly mixed. Fast forward to the next night and apparently all my bunk mates were now guys who did that thing certain guys do when backpacking and just somehow forgot to wash.

Whether it was just their clothes that needed a good laundry or their actual bodies I do not know but my GOD I thought I’d never get that scent out of my nose.

5. There’s No Line Up When You Have Your Own Bathroom

Besides breakfast, this may just be the greatest reason of all. Having your own bathroom means you never have to worry about other people’s schedules. You can jump straight into the shower, even at the busiest time in the morning, because it’s for your own personal use and you’re not sharing with a bunch of ladies who’ve never heard of conserving water.

I’m also going to throw the whole ‘not having to wander around the hostel in the middle of the night looking for a bathroom because you drank too much water before bed’ argument in here too.

Image: Instagram / [@emrata]