How To Spend A Weekend In The Whitsundays For Maximum Paradise Vibes

I feel like ‘tropical paradise’ gets thrown around too often, but that’s probably because I’ve been to The Whitsundays whose white sand beaches, bright blue waters and lush greenery are the literal definition of the phrase. Everything else just seems to pale in comparison.

To help you make the most of your long weekend in this beautiful part of Queensland, I’ve listed the things you really need to put on your itinerary below.

Enjoy A Fresh Seafood Feast

Is there much better than a fresh seafood feast right by the ocean it was plucked from (sustainably, obviously)? This is, 10000%, the place to get your fix. If you’re looking for an actual restaurant, you’ll want to go exploring Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach. You can find a list of the best spots to hit up here.

If you’d rather your food come to you, check out Whitsunday Provisioning. They’ll sort out the food, showcasing produce from the local farms. and schwing it to the boat or island you’re staying at. Talk about service.

Jetski At Airlie Beach

Can you truly enjoy the serenity later if you don’t get your heart pumping a little bit first? Airlie Beach is not only your gateway to The Whitsundays, but this chill coastal town is also a beaut place to explore with plenty of room for activities. None better than zipping around the water on a jetski.

Head to Airlie Adrenaline Adventures who’ll set you up with jetski hire and off you go. It’s run by local experts so they’ll have plenty of advice for you on the best places to explore.

Go Island Hopping

You would actually be crazy to go to The Whitsundays and only see one island. Think about it: there are 74 islands altogether, most of which are uninhabited, picturesque national park islands. Also, they’re in the middle of the natural wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef. Yes, mates, that means that you’re very likely to find your own slice of heaven.

They’re all so stunning and have unique features so I guarantee you would go home with FOMO, especially when it’s so easy to get around. You can hire your own boat or jump on a ferry for a day trip or overnighter to most islands.

Relax At Palm Bay Resort

If you want to feel at one with nature, it doesn’t get much better than Palm Bay Resort on Long Island. It’s nestled in its own private cove, for starters, which means you won’t have to share with the crowds. This is important when they have a bunch of free things you can hire, like snorkelling gear.

It has all the feels of a luxe resort but allows you to fully cater for yourself. Plus it’s also eco-friendly so you can feel good about your slice of luxury. A few cheeky bevvies on your own beach as the sun sets? Priceless.

Kayak Over The Reef

Is it just me, or is there something super peaceful about being out on the water in a kayak? If you’re staying at Palm Bay Resort you can hire a kayak for free, but you’ll find them on just about every island.

With the whole ‘in the middle of the reef thing’, you are never far away from some iconic and seriously beautiful sights. What’s more, there are glass-bottom kayak options so you can get a good view of the reef and marine life below you without having to dive in. But also, why wouldn’t you dive in as well?

See An Icon From Above

You haven’t seen the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef until you’ve seen it from high in the sky. If you’ve ever wanted to tick ‘chopper ride’ of the bucket list, The Whitsundays is definitely the place to do it.

GSL Aviation will take you over all the iconic reef spots and surrounds. Get your cameras ready for Heart Reef, it’s natural Instagram gold. They can even take you for a stop Whitehaven Beach for a picnic, which is my personal dream. This is the bird’s eye view you never knew you needed.

Want someone to do the planning so you can get straight into the fun? We’ve got you covered. We whipped up the perfect itinerary for you right here.