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Newtown, that singular state of mind occupying neither here nor there – a suburb whose boundaries are as arbitrary as its streets are narrow – means a great deal many things to many people. Chief amongst those: “It’s a way of life.”

As we’ve previously established, civic pride is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a pretty wonderful thing to be proud of your hometown, but doing so wholeheartedly means you risk neglecting things that can’t be found on King Street alone. Enter us. 

Objective science (read: a poll of our Facebook readership) determined unequivocally that pretty much each participant was trapped inside a bubble of their own creation. Some 63% were suffering intense post-Fro-yo monopoly trauma; given the choice, 41.3% would rather go out in a blaze of Pad Thai flavoured glory; and, perhaps most tellingly, 45.1% of despondent respondents said that when confronted with the possibility of being in a Coldplay music video outside The Courthouse Hotel, they would rather pretend they didn’t know who Coldplay were before bemoaning the lack of coverage of real issues.

That’s so Newtown.

Case in point:

Should you require help taking the first steps toward leaving a bubble of your own creation, help is available here.