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Full disclosure: not only is our Sydney office based in Surry Hills, but – as you’re inevitably going to find it necessary to remind us – we’re also knowingly complicit in perpetuating the kind of cliché that has become synonymous with this part of Sydney. 

It may come as a surprise to you, but when left unattended, some of us grow facial hair. Even more of us drink coffee, and the overwhelming majority of us would list ‘pubs’ as a viable interest second only to baked goods. A recent sampling of our readership revealed that you too are only a human with a propensity to spend time in Surry Hills. 

Unimpeachable evidence deduced that 68% of you found walking up Foveaux Street was a feat more difficult to endure than life itself; that the prevailing trend is some terrifying chimera of sports luxeand normcore, and that the better part of you prefer bikes with zero gears and zero self-awareness. That, or you are in fact Richard Gere

‘Surry, not Surry’, seemed to be the consensus – a sentiment that also rings true in this:

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