Roll up your sleeves and pester your travel group chat: Virgin Australia just launched its biggest Velocity Frequent Flyer sale ever, so your vaxxed girl summer is *finally* here. The sale ends in less than 48 hours though, so no time to waste!

Until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday 23 November), every economy seat on Virgin Australia’s domestic network between 1 December 2021 and 31 March 2022 is available as a Reward Seat, with no black out periods. As in, you can book a reward seat during fkn peak Christmas time!!!!

So basically you can nab a one-way economy reward seat from, say, Sydney to Brisbane, from as little as 7,800 Points (not including taxes, fees and carrier charges). Short on reward points? You can grab a 20% discount on points purchases between 1000 and 100,000 points until 17 December.

“We’re literally turning every available economy seat across the Virgin Australia domestic network into a reward seat for the next 48 hours. This means we‘re essentially making every Virgin Australia domestic aircraft a Points Plane,” Velocity Frequent Flyer CEO Nick Rohrlach said.

“Velocity members will be able to choose their preferred flight, and any available economy seat that can be purchased with cash, will also be available as a reward seat using points, and there’s no blackout dates – not even for the night before Christmas.”

“If they don’t have enough points for their reward, then they can buy points with Points Booster with a 20 per cent discount.”

There’s heaps of flights available in the sale, including the following popular flights that we know you’re probs frothing over:

  • Between Sydney and the Gold Coast: 7800 points
  • Between Melbourne to Sydney: 7800 points
  • Between Gold Coast to Melbourne: 11,800 points
  • Between Brisbane to Adelaide: 11,800 points
  • Between Melbourne to Perth: 17,800 points
  • Between Perth to Sydney: 17,800 points
  • Between Melbourne to Cairns: 17,800 points

There’s a little over 24 hours left to nab your seats, so if you’re looking to take advantage of the promo and finally scratch your travel bug itch, then you best get going!