All Virgin Airport Lounges Are Now Re-Open If Yr Bougie Ass Desires A Pacifico & A Crap Toastie

In one of the truest signs that things are sorta getting back to something closely resembling normal, Virgin Australia has confirmed that, as of today, all its domestic airport lounges are once again re-open for pre-travel business. Meaning you can once again put that Silver Velocity membership to use by inhaling all the free loose chippies and pesto sangas you want before jetting off around the country.

Along with virtually all other elements of air travel, Virgin’s domestic lounges were forced to shut up shop as the COVID pandemic ran a big ole’ line through basically all of 2020. However today marks the re-opening of the Canberra Airport lounge, and with that all of Virgin’s domestic lounge operations are back up and running.

Canberra was the final remaining airport lounge to re-open, after Virgin began slowly re-commencing its lounge operations across Australia starting in November of last year. Now, all seven airport lounges are back up and running. That includes locations at Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Canberra airports.

The allure of the airport lounge is obvious to anyone who’s ever been in one. Nothing on this unholy cursed earth is more upper middle class fancy than casting the shackles of pleb terminal waiting areas by swanning through the frosted glass doors of destiny.

The Virgin Lounge is a magical place where dreams are reality. The build-your-own toastie bar? An open palate of colour worthy of an Archibald-calibre artist.

Where else in the world can you observe FIFO miners, AFL footballers, and junior executives in Brooks Brothers factory seconds intermingling while you charge your phone at one of several power outlets?

Who among us does not harbour the burning desire to spam the button on the pancake machine while the children of Premium Economy travellers scream bloody murder behind you?

There is, quite literally, no one stopping you from inhaling six bone cold Pacifico stubbies before jetting off to beautiful Ballina-Byron airport. It is not illegal. No one can do a damned thing about it.

The Virgin Lounge is the happiest place on earth. And once again, it is fully open for business. Praise be.