Virgin Australia has just dropped some simply massive bargains, including a deal for the lucky chooks up in Brissy to travel straight to Hamilton Island for an absolute steal.

Planning a holiday at the end of the year is always a glorious time, but thanks to Miss Rona it doesn’t look like many of us will be ditching our home turfs this year when summer hits. We all truly deserve a big ass break when this hellscape of a year finally carks it, so thankfully there are still flights going around.

Virgin Australia has just revealed an exclusive app fare, where customers can now acquire some cheapo flights to their favourite leisure destination in Australia, as well as a Hamilton Island sale fare.

Essentially anyone can hop onto the app to make the most of this brand new sale, and instantly get a sweet 20% off towards a selection of fares across Economy and Business class. You can only access the offer through the app though, so I guess it’s time to make some room for a new download.

The sale is only open until midnight October 8, and travel dates begin on October 14 and end December 9. I don’t know about you but those dates look like an invitation to hit the skies for the summer.

There is also a YUGE Hamilton Island sale fare for those in Brisbane.

Virgin Australia has partnered with the Qld government to launch a sale fare of $129 for flights between Brisbane and Hamilton Island. This huge deal is on sale until tickets sell out (which probably won’t take long at all) and are open for travel periods between October 12 and December 13.

One hundred and twenty-nine dollarydoos, and you can say bonjour to the clouds while you yeet yourself outta here and onto the sweet sandy shores of Hamilton Island. Honestly, sign me up for twenty tickets.

I’ve got a plane to catch.

Queensland’s Tourism Minister, Kate Jones, commented: “We expect this service to generate $1.36 million in overnight visitor expenditure over the duration of Queensland Government support.”

Honestly if these partnerships bring about more bargains, then keep ’em coming Queensland.

You can get your tickets right HERE. See you in the skies!

Image: Getty Images / Andrew Peacock