United Airlines Want To Fly Anyone Named ‘Houston’ To The US For Free

United Airlines have just announced that from January 20th onwards, they’ll be launching direct flights from Sydney to Houston.

That in itself is astonishing enough to be newsworthy. That’s a thirteen-thousand, eight-hundred and ten kilometre journey. The route is set to become the second longest in the world, behind Singapore to LA. It’s loooooooong.

But the real kicker here is that United is offering a free trip on the inaugural in-bound flight to Houston flight to any Australian… named Houston.

(This is not a drill. This is genuinely happening. And yes, if you need me, I’ll be at deed poll changing my god forsaken name.)

Yes, if your name is Houston, the American airline believe you have dealt with enough in this lifetime.

How many times have you had to laugh along to the age-old ‘Houston, we have a problem!’ quip? How many times have you had to explain that you are in fact a human, and not a Deep South city famous for well-glazed baby back ribs? How many times have you had to explain that you’re in no way related to Whitney?!

Too many, no doubt. And now it’s your time to shine, Houstey baby!

Five Aussie winners, along with one guest each, will experience the trip of a lifetime starting with the inaugural flight from Sydney to Houston, Texas. Meanwhile, five winners in the U.S. bearing the first or last name “Sydney” will be on the inaugural flight from Houston to Sydney.

In addition to the return flight, each winner from Sydney and their guest will receive five nights’ accommodation in Houston, Texas and special privileges including a city pass which provides access to top Houston highlights such as the NASA Space Station, Houston Zoo and the Aquarium.

You can learn more, and enter HERE.

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