Uber Boat Is Coming For Your Euro Summer, If You Want To Sip Champers On A Yacht In Ibiza

uber boat

Aussies heading to Europe this summer are in luck because Uber is launching boat services in six tourist hotspots across the continent. They’re also in luck because they’re in Europe and we’re not, how does it feel to be God’s favourite?

The new summer offerings aim to help tourists get around Ibiza, Venice, Athens, Paris, Corfu and Santorini as easy as you can get around the streets of your city in an Uber.

“At Uber we want to give our customers the opportunity to go anywhere, wherever they are travelling. This summer we are adding a series of bucket-list worthy nautical experiences to the Uber app in some of Europe’s hottest destinations, helping holidaymakers make the most of their trip on the high seas,” Anabel Diaz, Vice President of EMEA Mobility at Uber said of the new boat options.

“Whether it’s sailing around Ibiza in your own private yacht or experiencing the Venetian Lagoon by boat, we’re thrilled to add some Uber magic to our customers’ holidays this summer.

uber boat
If you need me, I’ll be on an Uber Yacht in Ibiza x (Image: supplied).

Tourists in Mykonos can use Uber Boat to tour locations throughout the Greek islands, while Parisian guests can book an Uber Cruise down the river Seine.

Or, if you’re in the market for something more luxurious, you can order an Uber Yacht in Ibiza.

From August, you can book a private yacht for the day to cruise around Ibiza as if you’re much wealthier than you actually are.

Departing from Ibiza Town Marina every day at 12pm, Uber Yacht will give groups of up to eight people the chance to sail around on a Sunseeker Yacht for €200 per head (approx. AU $322).

Included in the trip is a complimentary bottle of champagne, local snacks, transfers to and from the yacht and your own personal skipper.

uber boat
You’ll have to speak up, I’m on a boat. (Image: supplied).

Uber Yacht is available from August 3 to August 20, with bookings opening via Uber Reserve on July 26.

Meanwhile, tourists in Venice will *finally* be able to zip through the canals in a way that actually makes sense — in an Uber Boat.

From €120 per trip, the boat can transport up to six people — is available between 8am and 8pm daily.

Honestly, the new services are a huge win for people like me, who simply will not book something that isn’t available via a convenient app in my pocket. I like to think this is the only reason I haven’t been galavanting around the Greek Islands on a superyacht.

All Uber Yacht, Cruise and Boat trips will be subject to availability and weather conditions.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Euro trip to book.