PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Jack Daniel's to show you the next place that should go on your travel list, ASAP.

Look, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way: Tennessee is waaaay more than just the hook in a dodgy pick-up line (“you’re the only 10-I-see” is a trashfire of an opener). It’s a legit haven of activity that will see you well-fed, thoroughly well-whiskeyed and reward your eardrums with some swingin’ tunes.

We had a lil’ jaunt over to the home of Jack Daniel’s and country music to scope out why you should add Tennessee to your US itinerary – coz it’s not just about the coasts anymore.

If you like indulging in saucy feeds that will have your hands and face slathered in smokey BBQ flavour, you’re probs going to feel right at home. And beyond being a hilarious thing to say, honky tonk is actually a pretty great backing track for a night out.

If you’re keen to trek out a bit further from Nashville, you’ll wanna head down to Lynchburg to taste test at the authentic Jack Daniel Distillery. It’s about an hour or two drive, not that it would faze us Aussies, who could drive for 30 hours without seemingly ever moving on the map.

I consider myself a pretty dedicated JD fan, so I’m dead serious when I say that I would literally go to Tennessee just to meet a Master Taster and grill them about how TF they got the job and if they will teach me everything they know so that I can be one when I grow up. Not even kidding.

Image: iStock / pabradyphoto