Travel The World 9 To 5: Top Jobs That Will Keep You Up In The Air

Produced in association with Royal Australian Air Force

If there’s one thing we know about you, dear reader, it’s that you love to travel.

This is not an anecdotal thing either, we actually have proof. Through a recent survey of readers we found that growing up and finding the right path in life is the number one issue amongst young people. Otherwise, 71% of participants said that travelling is the most exciting activity in their lives and 81% were planning a trip overseas in the year following.

Add that all together and it’s safe to say a career path that takes you overseas may appeal to a couple of you.

As such, we’ve put together a quickie guide to some of the best jobs that tick those boxes for anyone longing to explore the big wild world world around them.

Air Force 

The Royal Australian Air Force is not all about flying – there are dozens of jobs in areas from business administration to health care to engineering and trades, in locations around the world, with short and long-term roles available and pretty great benefits. There’s also flying, too, so let’s not forget that.  
“This is [you] reporting from [a place]” – those words have a pretty nice ring to them, yeah? ‘Journalist’ is a broad job description, but it offers a lot of opportunities for travel, whether you’re reporting on hard news as the ABC‘s Washington correspondent or joining in the media mayhem on Rihanna’s private plane.  
Being a blogger is basically just like being a journalist, but more well-respected and better paid. Lol, J/K, but the Tavi Gevinsons of the world all got their start by applying some drive and initiative, and documenting the things they love online. An amusing way with words can take your ass around the world.
ESL Teacher 
Reading, writing and conversing in English – you’re here, so we assume you’re proficient in at least one of those things. If so, and you’re in possession of some kind of bachelor’s degree, there are private agencies looking for you to teach English as a second language in Asia, the Middle East, or pretty much anywhere. Most will even help you get a teaching qualification, if you don’t have one already.
If your nickname is ‘Switzerland’, because you’re always the most reasonable one in any argument, and you have a keen interest in foreign affairs, law economics and representing the interests of your country abroad, a career in diplomacy might be for you. Plus, you get to bust out those three magic words: DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY, YO’.
Travel Industry 
Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to see the world while getting paid is to game the system and straight-up get a job in the travel industry. Whether that means training as a pilot, working as a flight attendant, spending a year on a cruise ship or the crew of a fancy yacht. There are lots of options, and almost all of them involve you making $$$ while visiting far-flung locales. 
There’s a lot of stuff overseas, and there are a lot of people over here who want that stuff – why not become the intermediary between them and all that great stuff? All you need is a bit of determination, and you could be doing tax-deductible trips around the world, meeting with buyers and sellers and scouting out exotic food, hand-crafted furniture, or whatever else grabs your imagination. 
Retail Buyer 
“Not much really, just jetting off to Milan to get a look a look at next season’s colours – did you know that froth and kumquat orange are in for spring?” If you pursue a career as a retail buyer, it could well be you making this mildly condescending statement to a friend of colleague next year. 
Au Pair 
If the idea of looking after other people’s children doesn’t gross you out on a fundamental level (no judgement), and you don’t mind looking after the offspring of rich people while they ski in Gstaad or Aspen sounds alright, then a career as an au pair might be for you. Just try not to be alarmed if the little ankle-biters start referring to you as “mum.”
Contiki Tour Guide 
If you’re prepared to work long days, and wrangle hungover tourists into buses at stupid o’clock in the morning while trying to keep their motivation levels up,  and you know a little something about history and culture, a job as a guide at a tour company may be calling out to you. It’s one of the more hectic ways to see the world, but can also be one of the more rewarding.
Photographers are often adrenaline junkies by nature, putting their necks on the line in war zones and disaster-hit areas to get that one amazing shot. Taking photos for a living can be a great way see the world while also showing it to other people through your lens. 
Volunteering is perfect for clearing the old conscience, and is a way to travel while really giving something back. It’s worth considering, because people all over the developing world are crying out for your drive and expertise in areas like childcare, conservation, education and nursing.
Listening in one language while speaking in another frankly seems tough as hell, which is just one of the reasons we’ve never tried, but those with the language skills (and the necessary qualifications) can find themselves jetting all over the damn place, having lunch with presidents or assisting in war zones.
Start-Up Founder
This is probably one of the hardest jobs on the list to crack – y’know, because you kind of need a brilliant idea first – but Zuckerberg and Richard Branson definitely have no shortage of stamps on their passports.

With full respect to you, this list is just that, a list. If you want to a career wherein you get paid to travel the world, it’s entirely up to you to get out there and pursue it.

When it comes to travel opportunities, the Air Force doesn’t fail to deliver. If you want part of your job to be seeing more places than most people will see in a lifetime, head to