Travel Blogger Matches Famous Movie Scenes To Their Locations & It’s Art

Travel bloggers are dime a dozen these days, so when one of them does something different, they tend to stand out.

Or, in this case, blend in.

@filmtourismus is an Instagram account run by Andrea David, German travel blogger who “explor[es] the world, scene by scene.”

Basically, she travels to the ends of the earth in search of iconic locations from some of the biggest movies and TV shows of our time. Once she gets there, she holds up screen grabs from the flicks that match up to the location. The results? Beautiful images with a solid whack of nostalgia.

She’s walked down the same red aisle as Keira Knightly in Love Actually:

Explored the same Cambodian temples as Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider:

Captured the feels of The Notebook at Boone Hall Plantation:

Wandered through the small village of Shere in England, where 2006 romcom The Holiday was filmed:

Deadpool, Paddington Bear and 50 Shades of Grey all cop the location treatment:

Speaking to Lonely Planet, David said that she was inspired to combine her love of cinematography with her background as a former travel agent after writing her thesis on the influence of films on where people chose to travel.

“While doing research in 2004 I gained a taste for it and started travelling to various filming locations,” she said.

“After my thesis, I continued travelling this way because I really enjoyed it, and I decided to share my experiences and adventures with other people who might also be interested.”

“A lot of people wrote to me saying that they are grateful, because they finally know if and where they can find the places they long to see,” she adds. “Others said they have received great new travel ideas, and this has motivated me to continue.”

Andrea says her favourite location to date is Tollymore Forest in Northern Ireland, which featured in Game of Thrones.

“It’s where the whole story began when the Starks found the direwolf pups in the very first episode,” she says. “I fell in love with that peaceful place.”

She’s captured a tonne of GoT grabs, and they’re nothing short of spectacular:

Some people have just the right amount of time on their hands.