Look, cards on the table here, we’re only human, and we’re prone to the odd gaffe and typo from time to time (sorry ’bout it) so our hearts go out to Tourism NZ, who released a big, expensive new commercial without noticing the major stuff-up in the opening seconds.

The promotional video, called ‘The Ultimate Road Trip‘, shows all the natural beauty and splendour that New Zealand has to offer, and features a camper van barrelling down a South Island highway … in the wrong lane. 

The video had more than 300,000 views before it was yanked from YouTube, but has since been reposted, so you can watch it below:

The error is all the more unfortunate since, in recent weeks, New Zealand has been pushing a safety campaign aimed at Chinese tourists visiting the country, letting them know to drive on the left.

Deborah Gray of Tourism NZ said that the drivers in the footage were on the correct side of the road, but that the image was flipped in the editing process by a visiting videographer. 

“Tourism New Zealand is taking all steps it can to keep visitors safe on our roads so are extremely disappointed in this oversight,” she said. 

via The Australian