Kylie Minogue, Oz royalty and blessed angel, has fronted Tourism Australia’s latest star-studded campaign, imploring our UK mates to escape all the Brexit-related madness and head Down Under for some much-needed respite.

“Matesong”, written by Eddie Perfect, premiered on UK telly before the Queen’s annual Chrissy broadcast, ensuring maximum eyeballs on Kylie and her mates.

In what will surely be the most Australian three minutes of your life, Kylie shuts off the news and travels across the nation, visiting places like Coogee, Uluru and Rottnest Island, while crooning “When you need an end to what ails ya / Call on your friends in Australia.”

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a true Tourism Australia video without cameos from a whole heap of fellow Oz legends: Adam Hill, Andy Saunders, Ash Barty, Darren Robertson, Ian Thorpe, Jeff Bennett, Jordan and Zac Stenmark, Kevin Kropinyeri, Magdalena Roze, Reggie and Cassidy Uluru, Sean Choolburra and, last but definitely not least, Shane Warne. Oh, and Kylie also channels her Neighbours character Charlene Robinson at one point. Huge mood.

“Phew, I can finally talk about this now. It’s been so hard keeping this a secret,” Kylie said in a video message released by Tourism Australia. “I hope you enjoyed that, and that was done with nothing but pure love and we hope to see you Down Under real soon.”

According to Sydney Morning Herald, “Matesong” is part of a $15 million campaign. We love a big-budget queen. (All I can now think of is that video of the girl who’s all like like,  ‘Ooooh, a large?  He got money.’ I love it so much. I’ve linked it here for your enjoyment.)

Anyhoo, check out Ms Minogue’s stellar patriotic anthem.

Image: YouTube / Australia