{Tiny} Times And Their Tiny Trip To Turkey

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When it comes to mother/son travelling and knitting teams, Karla Courtney and her son Marshall are in a class all of their own. Karla writes a monthly travel piece for Qantas Magazine, Kids’ Concierge, and knits sloths and other toys. She has even written a knitting book for The Australian Women’s Weekly, Cool Knitting. Meanwhile, Marshall has been a child and a blogger (but not really) since 2011. Their family is about to take off travelling from here to London overland: boat to Singapore, and buses and trains all the way to the UK and they will be blogging their many adventures on www.tinytimes.com.

For anyone who has ever had a not so great travel experience Visa have created the Holiday Replay competition in which Aussie globetrotters can win $20k to re-do their worst ever holiday experience. To give you an idea of how and what to enter we asked Karla and Marshall to recount their most unchill tiny travel times.

What happened on the holiday you wish you could replay?

Marshall: On a trip to Turkey in 2011 we were running late for the plane for a three-day visit to Cappadocia from Istanbul, and we forgot to pack any change of clothes, nappies  or wallet full of cash for this short trip. As soon as the plane took off I had a very big accident that did not smell good. We had to make a makeshift set of trousers with my jacket and some kind people gave me a nice Turkish suit.

If you were able to do it all again, what would you change?

Mum: No matter how rushed you are take that extra minute to check that you have everything and always keep a spare card on you somewhere other than your wallet.

Marshall: I would be toilet trained.

Despite all that, what were some of the highlights of visiting that destination?

Mum: It has always been my dream to go in a hot air balloon, and luckily we had prepaid for that, and most of our other experiences there. I took some of my favourite photos of all time.
Marshall: Everyone gave me candy because they felt sorry for me.

Any other tales that come in second place for worst travel experience?

Mum: From all my travels I have been pretty fortunate (touch wood). But for second-hand experiences, I once met a guy who was missing an ear. He told us how it was bit off by a dog while he was passed out on the beach. After staying in a local hospital for a while he went to another hospital in a larger city by himself in a taxi. When he arrived the taxi driver took off with all his belongings in the trunk. We bought him many drinks.

From all you’ve learned on your many overseas adventures, what are your top tips for trotting the globe?


. I never carry large amounts of cash. Once it is gone, it’s gone. I keep a small amount when I know I will be going somewhere remote but generally, from Addis Abba to Zanzibar, I’ve always been able to use my card.

. Don’t carry around large bags or more than you really need to once you are settled and walking around a city.

. Don’t just rely on Google. Talk to the locals and ask for their favourite/least favourite spots.

. Plan the essentials and then leave the rest to adventure.

Have you ever lost your cash travelling? We know that feel bro. It hurts. It probably still hurts, but If you 
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To see the Tiny Times entry in the Visa Holiday Replay Comp, head HERE.