PEDESTRIAN.TV and Tinder have joined forces to help you get the max out of your dating game.

We all know you’ve started to exhaust your dating options and a solo life of making the postman uncomfortable with your desperate need for human interaction is looking inevitable. They’re there to deliver mail, not to give you the emotional connection you so desperately crave. Don’t be that batshit cray.

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How do we rectify this? Well, it’s definitely not by going out and meeting people. It’s 2018 and cute bump’n’meets went out along with dabbing and T.J. Miller. Plus, it gets tiring exchanging sly glances with a hottie on the train, only to panic and get off two stops earlier than intended. It puts a real dent in your travel time (I’ve personally added about seven hours to my commute in the past month alone).

So, to avoid spending your life hoping that you’ll accidentally knock some geezer off their bike and fall madly in love (after you’re cleared of all charges obvi), Tinder‘s giving you a bit of a leg up with its Beta Club.

Sign up for the club HERE and Tinder could be sending you and a m8 to LA, where you’ll drop into Tinder HQ and hopefully pick their brains as to why you’re so fundamentally undateable. Must be 18+, Legal Resident of AU, Official Rules apply.

The whole shebang is valued at $6,000 with accom, tickets and a food allowance all inclusive. Pretty good time to be single, ey?

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On a side note, isn’t it just swell that Pauly D is relevant enough to be a GIF again?

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