We get it: you really want to get buckwild in Europe with your mates and you would, were it not for a slight cash-flow issue.

But would you sell a kidney for that return flight? Sell off the parentage of your firstborn? Because one or both of those things could happen if you fall for budget airline Tigerair‘s new ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme.

The low-cost carrier is the first domestic airline to roll out a payment system that lets cash-strapped wanderlusters book holidays without paying anything upfront, which isn’t surprising because it’s a truly awful idea that comes with the dodge fine print you’d expect.

Spend a minimum of $250 on your itinerary and you have between six to 12 months to pay it back… HOORAY! But if you don’t / can’t pay off the fare in full during that honeymoon period, say hello to interest rates of up to 29.99 FUCKING PERCENT.

Tigerair Now Offers ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ Flights & It’s A Truly BS Scheme

Consumer advocacy group Choice has slammed the new program, labelling it a “very bad idea”, but Tigerair’s commercial director Adam Rowe insists they’re onto a winner.

“The payment option opens up the possibility of travel to more people than ever before allowing our customers to take a much-needed break today and pay it off on a plan.”

But for real: if you can’t afford the cost of a flight upfront, are you going to be in any better a financial position *after* you’ve returned home from spending up big O/S?

No. The answer is no.

Source: news.com.au.

Photo: The Simpsons.