This US Company Will Drop Your Holiday Cabin In A Secret Forest Location

We’re truly quite terrible at switching off, let’s be real. I check my phone constantly – when I wake up in the morning, on the commute to and from work, at my desk, on the loo, on the couch at night, and it’s the last thing I look at before bed.

But what if you were in a cabin in a secret forest location with minimal reception and a little box to switch off for a weekend?

Over in the United States, geniuses/nature-lovers Getaway are trying to get people back in touch with nature by dropping a tiny little portable shack in the middle of the wilderness, and giving folks the opportunity to lock away their devices for a weekend or so – if they’re game.

AirBnB is great for those times you wanna get a cute little apartment in Downtown Manhattan, but these teeny cabins are very much more for those who want to get away from literally everyone.

The cosy spaces are good for two people (or more for some extra $$), and they’re set up in locations that are only sent to you a week before your check in.

Some of the more permanent locations are pet-friendly, if you wanna get your pup/cat out and about for some woodland exploring.

You get the cabin, some provisions for simple meals like pasta, coffee, or the classic American camping treat – homemade s’mores.

At the moment, the team drop the little slices of Instagrammable heaven within two hours of Boston and New York, but they’re open to nominations of other cities throughout the U.S.

Just make sure you take all your weekend snaps before you take the plunge and chuck your phone in one of these lockboxes.

They’re like the new caravan, but instead of hitching them up to your car and dragging it across the country, all you have to do is show up.

BRB going into hermit mode for the weekend.