This Is Why You Should Stop Overlooking Grafton For Your Next Getaway

This Is Why You Should Stop Overlooking Grafton For Your Next Getaway

You know that thing where we TOTALLY overlook our own country with our sights set on travel abroad? Why do we do that? I have SUCH a long bucket list of Aussie spots I want to get to. There is a charm and beauty to Australia that is completely unique, and no place more so than the city of Grafton, just a day’s drive from Sydney.

Travel vlogger Scotty Pass reckons there’s something there for every type of traveller, “While there’s more than enough to satisfy even the most seasoned traveller, you can expect Grafton to impress families, budget travellers and those with an adventurous spirit.

It’s a place where colonial buildings meet leafy streets. The natural beauty surrounding the city is quite unexpected, at least it is for me. But the real claim to fame here is the 2000+ Jacaranda trees that were brought over by a seed merchant back in 1879 and today bathe the city in purple every October when they put on the Jacaranda Festival, the longest-running flora festival in Australia, which is kind of cool.

From the moment you drive in over the Clarence River, a wave of purple seems to inundate the town – It’s certainly unique,” describes Scotty.

I mean, just look at it!

Not into trees? Well, you’re weird, they give us breathable air, but ok. Scotty says that beyond the beauty, Grafton’s charm is all about its “strong sense of community” and multitude of activities to keep the adventure going.

There’s a variety of activities to suit every traveller in the region. Anything from camping, hiking, hot air ballooning, road trips, and waterfalls. If the adventure side isn’t your thing, how about simply taking in the views of the mighty Clarence River from your hotel balcony.

And let’s not forget how close Grafton is to a bunch of other killer day trips.

Grafton is perfectly positioned in the Clarence Valley, giving it great locality to some of the best beaches in Northern New South Wales.

According to Scotty, during a weekend trip to the Clarence Valley you can fit in camping, multiple beaches, and whale watching. Only have a day? No worries.

For those willing to look further afield, Ebor Falls is an achievable day trip to one of Australia’s best waterfalls. Ebor Falls is located a little over an hour from Grafton on the renowned Waterfall Way, just west of Coffs Harbour.

Strictly a beach person? There’s a day trip for you too.

If you’ve never ventured to this part of Northern New South Wales, a trip to the surf towns of Yamba, Angourie, and Ballina are a must! Yamba boasts some of the finest beaches and surf locations in the region – particularly for beginners looking to take up the sport. It’s also home to many migrating whales each season, so be sure to keep an eye out during June to October.