This Is What Happens When You Send A Dude ‘Glamping’

Living in any one of Australia’s capital cities is draining. They’re loud, unforgiving and often overwhelming. Even when you sleep, the cries of ambulances get in the way of what should be some v-sexy dreamtime with Channing Tatum. We’ve partnered with Hyundai to show off their shiny-new Tucson – the perfect vehicle to help you get away from it all, even if it’s just for the weekend. Jump over to their website for more information. 

Glamping: a word that belongs straight in the bin, along with quinoa and jeggings.  
Seeing as the mere utterance of it generally leads to wiping vomit from our mouths, we beseeched old-mate Pat, from Hobogestapo, to go do our dirty work. His findings are rather shocking and reader discretion is advised. 

My passenger captures how stoked I am to be rolling down the coast on such a pearler of a day, I just want to dive into the ocean!
PEZ: How does glamping stack up against traditional camping?
PAT: To be honest glamping doesnt even feel like you’re camping at all, there’s no twigs sticking in your butt, there’s no feeling of a thousand suns boiling your entire body when the sun comes up. Glamping is basically staying in a hotel with an amazing sound track of insects and waterfalls as the back drop.
I finally arrive at The Escape, an awesome luxury camping destination which has large tents set up outside with queen beds and battery operated lamps and torches supplied. 

This place is heaven.
PEZ: What were your favourite moments of the trip?
PAT: Laying in bed listening to the surrounds of the forrest was really surreal and incredibly peaceful compared to listening to buses go by at 3am in Redfern. I did some skinny dipping in the lake, I have never done that before. 
The food that was served to us at The Escape was hands-down some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.
PEZ: Would you recommend going glamping to others?
PAT: Absolutely I would – good friends, good booze.
Look at this tourist, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my mug, I was loving it. I am a country boy deep down.
PEZ: Do you think glamping is a good alternative to flying inter-state/international for a holiday?
PAT: It totally is, we have some amazing destinations a few hours from the city, why travel the world when you can explore such a variety of landscapes and environments in NSW.
Views for days.
PEZ: Would you be more encouraged to get away from the city more often if you owned a car like the Hyundai Tucson?
PAT: I have always owned small compact cars that can barely get up a hill without having to turn the air conditioning off and rev the guts out of the engine, I was able to cross rocky water crossings, climb 45 degree dirt hills and sit on the highway with cruise control and the ridiculously awesome lane change assist.
It’s time we head back to civilization, we passed this beautiful calf on the way back to the main road, she didn’t want a bar of us, bye bye moocow xox
Well there you have it, kids. Glamping ain’t all that bad and neither is ducking out of the city.