Everyone loves getting free shit. People love it so much, in fact, that recent research by Virgin Australia has found that 80% of their millennial respondents are more likely to buy something if it means they’ll score loyalty points that they can redeem on cool shit. One of the main things we’re keen to cop for free?

Travel. Duh. 

This 17 Y.O.’s Frequent Flyer Point Hacks Let Him Travel Biz Class For Free

But I bet you didn’t know just how free your next Eurotrip could be. We didn’t either, until we spoke to jet-setting wunderkind, Zac George. 

This kid is 17 years old, and has been travelling the world in business or first class since he was 14. What were you doing at 14? Fiddling with yourself and writing Lord of the Rings fanfiction?

George was getting mad into aeroplanes, and then mad into the idea of going on super flash aeroplanes for free. Now he’s turned that into his job because nothing is real and you can just do whatever you want, apparently. 2017!!!

“I started doing points at probably 13 or 14 years old. From then on I’ve just learned how to maximise them even more. I started a blog when I was 15, because I thought it’d just be fun to write about all the different programs and promotions coming about and it grew very quickly. It’s now my career.”

How the hell does one make a career out of going in some really flash planes, you ask? 

Off to Doha in @qatarairways first class for the first time!

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Like this: 

“I collect points through a number of ways – mainly credit cards, and buying points. 

“There’s multiple airlines, mostly US airlines, that sell miles at discounts. This way you can get flights much, much cheaper than buying them. They don’t have to be in your country either – they can be all different countries’ programs, so it’s really finding the ones that have fantastic value.”

Fantastic value, like Australia to the US in business class on Qantas for $1,900 as opposed to $10k, and regularly nipping off ’round Australia for exactly bupkis. 

If you’re keen to score those sweet luxury miles as well, George has a couple tips: first, take advantage of promotions from hotel groups, frequent flyer programs and credit cards (hot tip: that massive Virgin Australia point giveaway is on right now, so get across that). 

Now that’s an impressive hotel lobby!

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Second, don’t be scared to look into getting multiple credit cards – if you reckon you have the the saintly discipline required to not land yourself soundly in the red. 

“If you’re smart with them, you can get a lot of value out of credit cards. People believe it ruins credit scores – it doesn’t. It’s all about how you spend smartly. Have one card that earns 3 or 4 points at the supermarket, some are 3 or 2 points for travel, and that way the different categories of points really rack up quickly.”

Obviously this isn’t going to be your jam if you’re already swimming in debt. But if you’ve got an income and a lust for the high life – get the hell onto the points scheme. Just be prepared to stay one step ahead of the airlines. 

“The airlines are really quick to catch on. If you see a good deal, take advantage of it, because you don’t know how long that will stay around for.”

Aye aye, captain. 

This 17 Y.O.’s Frequent Flyer Point Hacks Let Him Travel Biz Class For Free

Image: Points From The Pacific.