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Adelaide is one of those places that, unless you’ve lived there all your life, you’ll probably only really know as the wine capital of Australia. And that’s totally fine, but there’s a stack more to enjoy there so you’re selling yourself short if you only go for that.

There’s more than you’d think if you judge off face value – exploring Adelaide is kind of like unpacking a whole bunch of Matryoshka dolls. The huge expanses of vineyards are great for a cheeky vino, but we recommend ditching the plonk, getting yourself a Budget hire car and heading off on a road trip.

Here’s a few ideas to kick-off your next vacay.

Mega Adventure

Anywhere that’s called Mega Adventure talks a big game. I put it to you that if you’re going to have a park go by that moniker, it better be larger than life – and folks, it is. A structure that boasts its height at 18 kangaroos tall (an unusual metric by anyone’s reasoning, if you ask me) is the centrepiece for a park full of fun activities.

There’s a big-ass swing that is guaranteed to make your tummy feel like it’s dropped into your ankles, the Sky Walk (which is a casual 83 steps to hit peak) and the big Sky Challenge, with 70 obstacles to navigate while harnessed in mid-air.

Kuitpo Forest

Are you into forests, folks? If you’re keen on immersing yourself into a fantasy-like environment of super tall pine trees that will absolutely make you feel shrunken and tiny, you’re gonna wanna check out Kuitpo Forest.

There’s a bunch of sick hiking trails (and horse trails if you wanna go full ‘riding through a forest from Red Dead Redemption‘) and it’s a great place to go camping. Bring wine – and your pupper too, coz it’s pet-friendly.

Adelaide Zoo

You may be thinking, “but there are zoos everywhere,” and while you’re bang on (if a little negative, mate), Adelaide Zoo is home to two things that you won’t be able to see aaaanywhere else in Australia. So you best believe we’re including it on this list so that you can peep some unique critters.

Not only is Adelaide Zoo home to the only giant pandas in the entire country, but it’s also where you can check out an adorable albino meerkat whose antics will immediately fill you with the urge to adopt him and take him home to raise as your son.

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In the most normal way possible, it seems that lately society is really quite keen on old murders. True crime has hit its absolute prime with countless insanely popular shows and podcasts hitting your earholes (including one of our own, the All Aussie Mystery Hour). So anyone who’s a fan should defs hit up Glenelg.

Beyond the fact that it’s a must-visit place for true crime enthusiasts, it’s also just really bloody beautiful. There’s stacks to do and the beach is frankly a must-visit.

One thing you’ve gotta remember is that it’s best seen leisurely driving around with your windows down, blasting a playlist packed with SIA, Paul Kelly and Cold Chisel (some of Adelaide’s finest, tbh).

If you’re keen to make Adelaide your next road trip destination, grab a getaway car with Budget.

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