The Mind-Reading Suitcase With A 7,000-Person Waitlist

There’s nothing worse than rocking up to the airport, hoisting your brick of a suitcase onto the scales, only to be told it’s a few kg’s over the limit. Cue ripping that baby open in front of a v disgruntled cue of travellers and throwing on any/every item that you can feasibly wear all at the same time.

That nightmare life is probably the reason this yet to be released suitcase is getting so much damn hype. See, the Raden A50 collection – which features a carry on size and a full size – has 7,000 people sitting patiently on its waitlist for the Pink Gloss version, and that number is sure to keep climbing now that the cases have gone viral round the net.

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The edge they’re bringing is tech. The suitcases connect to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to know in real time the exact weight that baby is. Plus, the same tech let’s you gauge exactly where your luggage is when it’s not right next to you – basically, you can suss where in the baggage claim queue your case is, and position yourself accordingly. Which is a bit extreme but hey, coming off a 24 hour flight = sanity has left the building, people. We just gotta get out of this hellhole.
You can also charge up your phone and laptop via the suitcases, which is pretty outrageous, and it features a live chat function for customer service, which again – why? But OK, we’ll take it.

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Obviously, all this tech comes with some snazz physical qualities too. The cases are made of supposedly crack resistant (say crack again) Makrolon Polycarbonate, with Japanese wheel bases and polyurethane tires for full 360 movement, should you feel like sitting on yours and playing spinnie roundsies.
Also, their Insta is worth a squiz regardless of whether you want one or not – it’s colour-coded and super lush.

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What can you expect to fork out for these guys? Not as much as you’d think. The two case set clocks in at $784, with the lil carry running at $389 on its own. So not cheap, but not insane either.
Then again, maybe we’ll save our cash for o/s activities and continue on with our soon-to-disintegrate duffel bags over here.
Source and Image: Raden.